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From the Midway:Is America ready for a man and his husband?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A long time ago, I heard the quote "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." It refers to the fact that a man and a women are made for each other and that homosexuals are indicated in this quote as not part of God's plan.

A recent California court decision has recognized the civil rights of gay couples to be joined in marriage. So how will this affect the moral fabric of the rest of the country? I personally don't know, we'll have to wait and see. I know that it will take time for America to catch its breath.

Homosexuality is one of the most divisive issues that any society faces. It has been around since the beginning of mankind. Some cultures have embraced it and others have persecuted homosexuals.

As for me personally, my gut reaction on homosexuality and gay marriage is that it's just plain silly. But my head and heart tell me that there is more to this issue than I understand.

I am not a homosexual and I do not know the pain people go through when they are placed in roles that they don't fit in. We as a society expect homosexuals to conform to our rules and our morals. But how can we expect to change people who can't change who they are? That is like asking a person who was born with no legs to grow a new pair. It just can't be done.

On one hand, we teach a person to be who they are but if a homosexual tries that route they are many times cast away from their families and friends or even assaulted for being who they are.

On the other hand, if a homosexual "stays in the closet" the person has to live a lie and be under the pressure that the secret will be found out and the life that has been built could be destroyed.

Either way, it's no way to go through life.

I also know that this issue hits home more than people would like to admit. Most of us out there have a gay cousin, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, sister or brother. Many people also have friends that are gay. So the issue is not just left in California.

Over the last decade or so there has been an increase in the acceptance of homosexuals in society and in America's culture. In recent years, many popular television shows are based around gay characters or glamorize the gay lifestyle.

It was not that long ago when a show about a single woman having a sexual relationship was considered taboo. An interracial couple could not walk down the street holding hands. But today these issues don't receive the same type of objections that they once did. These types of social changes never happen overnight. It takes a generation or two.

With the ever-growing acceptance of gays in our society I would like to remind gays that it is hard for many to change from their point of view and many won't change at all. If a society moves too fast there may be a backlash when the pendulum of change swings back the other way.

Maybe you believe that people are born gay or that people choose to be gay. All I know is that I choose to be with a woman and that is my choice and that's that. But gay people would say that I'm lucky, their choices in life are not as easy as what mine is.

That has to be frightening for someone who can't find a place in our society.

So whether you believe that gays should marry or not, it might not matter what your feelings or mine are. If a social change is already in progress, it is almost impossible to stop. It is hard for anyone to find love. I can't blame anyone who is trying to find love.

With that note, let me end this column with another quote concerning gay marriage, "Gays have every right to be as miserable as everybody else."

Mike Leckband
From the Midway