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Marcus farmer invents dual changer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Farmers can hang the EZ Dual Changer from their front end loader, chain hoist, forklift, or service truck boom. slide the EZ Dual changer over the tire and move into position for mounting. They can align the rim by rotating the tire so the holes line up and bolt in place. Photo contributed.
Steve Bierman farms 700 acres northwest of Marcus, and like many farmers, he has had to wrestle with changing dual tractor or combine tires.

It's a job no one likes to do and one certainly needs another pair of hands to get it done. One day he decided there has to be an easier way to get the job done. He put his mind to work thinking of how one grabs something to lift in order to set it down elsewhere.

Bierman thought of picking up pellets. Using tongs like a fork to grab and lift. Why not a gigantic one to lift a lot of weight.

Bierman made one with wheels and rollers by using some scrap iron he had cutting it with a chop saw and torch. There were many trials and errors made before he was happy with his dual tire changer. It took six months to work out all of the kinks. As soon as his neighbor saw it work, he wanted one too and then it was a cousin and a brother.

"It was at that point, I decided to mass produce the EZ Tractor Dual Changer. It was just a year ago, I got the idea and now I'm producing them for others. I've sold 400 of them. Many to implement dealers as they love them for their employees as it saves a lot of time," said Bierman.

"I started going to farm shows and then the Farm Journal did an article on me. I've sent them to 32 states as well as Canada."

Bierman now has JTV in Sutherland manufacture his EZ Tractor Dual Changer.

The new EZ Dual Changer has proved to be very beneficial when changing duals on large machinery such as tractors and combines. When implement dealers and farmers see how they work, they want one. It ont only saves time but it saves backs. The changer does the work in five minutes

The EZ Dual Changer is hung from a chain hoist, front-end loader, forklift or service truck boom. The tire is held security in place and turns easily on wheels and rollers to assist in lining up the lug nuts. The EZ Dual changer can handle tires as wide as 28" and up to 2,000 pounds. The changer has a zinc coating which mkes it shine and will resist rust.

Model 36 is for hub mount duals only and needs at least 7" between tires and can lift 1,000 pounds. Model 36 is recommended on all 18.4" tires and smaller. Note the tire height does not matter.There are five models to choose from.

Model 50 is a heavy duty model made from high tensile reinforced steel to hold up to 2,000 pounds. It can be used if you have a 1,000 pound weight in your dual tire filled with fluid or cast iron center. Model 50 is for hub mount duals only with a maximum weight limit of 2,000 pounds. It needs 7 1/2" between tires. There are other models such as the 55 which is a heavy duty model.

If you want to use your EZ Dual changer on combine duals you will need to replace the 5" rubber wheel with a 2" one. The rim on combine duals is dished out on one side so the 5" doesn't have enough clearance. Just slide the 5" off and slide the 2" on. The 2" roller works on all EZ Dual Changers.

Bierman plans on attending the Farm Progress show in Boone which runs Aug. 26-28. He is hoping others from the area will attend and take the opportunity to vote on the top 10 inventors of farm products. Bierman is in the top 10 but he is hoping to be selected for the top three which will win him a monetary prize. He was interviewed on U.S. Farm Report.

One may contact Bierman at www.dualchanger.com. You may call him at 721-324-1930.

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