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Winding Roads: Teach the value of saving

Thursday, August 28, 2008

If I was a country that wanted to make trouble for the U.S., this would be the time. It shouldn't surprise anyone if Russia wants to demand more authority over others and have us trembling in our shoes what they will do. Reminds one of the days when some home owners had a basement room prepared as a bomb shelter. Which was pretty ridiculous when looking back at history.

It is clear that we don't have the manpower to protect what we are presently engaged in so how in the world could we truly protect Georgia? We simply do not have the numbers in uniforms nor do we have the financial wherewithal.

We need Iraq to pay for most of it's rebuilding effort. Someone needs to find out where much of our money has been wasted. Even Afghanistan is in dire need of leadership and our soldiers have just about had it.

Our credit card runnth over and we are in debt up to our eyeballs. China and Russia are some of our main lenders and how hard are we going to step on their toes and maintain what we have. Apparently corporate America isn't worried about this country's debt load.

We are so late in the ball game of getting ourselves weaned off of fossil fuels. As soon as folks heard this past week that we used less fuel in the last 30 days and oil prices slipped somewhat then right away everyone took a sigh of relief and thought the fuel crisis may have ended. It just goes to show how lax we are in doing what we know should be done.

We need to continue the will do use less regardless of the price. We need to conserve in all areas. I would hope that everyone would send the message to both candidates that we need to pursue the development of other fuels. The car industry needs to change how our cars are built and get over 35 miles or more per gallon. We need to conserve electricity. We need to limit our so-called toys.

Reportedly parents are spending less on getting their children ready to go back to school. One such item which could be eliminated for most kids are book packs. Most do not wear them out in a year but each year the kids has to go to school sporting a new one. It ought to be the end thing to use it as long as one can.

Perhaps that's why uniforms are good for private schools as one eliminates the competition of purchasing brand names. After all, it's the "holey raggedy" jeans that are so expensive to buy in the store. Why not make it the end thing to see how long you can wear something before it's pitch out.

Think how much stress could be alleviated for parents and teens alike if the element of high fashion was eliminated. We could also go on about food consumption. I understand other countries are watching the amount of waste they create each year and are imploring their population to reduce that amount by eating leftovers and take note of the water and electrical usage.

In short, we all need to use more common sense rather than impress each other.