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From the Midway:Old solders never die; they just fade away

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in 1990, my friends and I fought a great war. Not the Gulf War but one that was just as bad when it comes to terror. The war we fought was on pop culture - what we saw as the greatest threat to ever hit mankind.

I am referring to the top boy-band of that time period, New Kids On The Block.

The battles then were epic and our long hair mullets were flapping in the wind for change. We were rebelling against a system that forced this "music" down our throats.

There were many a nights that we were standing in front of malls or record stores in our old ripped up jeans that were rolled (or pegged) up around our ankle just to give us support to stop this injustice.

It wasn't a pretty war, there were losses on both sides. Eventually there was a compromise made. Our side agreed to let Donnie Wahlberg and his little brother Marky Mark have film careers but the music had to stop. After all Donnie was a motorcycle man in a moped band.

For 18 years the peace has lasted in the land.

A few months ago the New Kids On The Block announced that they would be performing a comeback tour. That did not bother me so much. I figured a few of the guys may need the money and what's the harm of them singing a few of their hits to a small crowd or two?

I was not aware however that the boys would be releasing new material - a direct violation of the peace treaty that was signed in the fall of 1991.

So my friends, we must act quickly. Their music has already slithered it way back on to the airwaves and no doubt a music video is sure to follow.

I put up with a lot of junk over the years, but no more.

What concerns me the most right now are our young people. If they are exposed to this type of music, they might think this is how all music should be. Look how they have already affected our music scene. If we could have totally stopped them in the 90's maybe there would never of been an 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys.

Just imagine if we weren't on the front lines back in the day. You would have heard a lot more bands like these. We're not asking for thanks or recognition for what we did back then. I just want this generation to step in and demand better music for themselves.

There are so many talented artists out there, why should we have to subject ourselves to their sub-standard music?

I'm sure there are some die-hard NKOTB fans out there and by now their underwear is probably in a bunch. My only advice for you is… tough luck. This is a war. As I stated earlier, there are casualties on both side and you just became one of them.

As for the people who feel the way I do about this scourge on mankind, don't be shy, let other people know how you feel.

We won't win if you sit idly by.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway