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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: Hurtful words

Saturday, September 6, 2008

All of us have probably experienced the situation when one is speaking about a third party and can color the conversation with adjectives or adverbs to give a situation a completely different meaning. Else, they go one step farther and completely exaggerate a situation and stretch the truth way beyond what is reality.

Politician are very good at it. They utter many half truths and color the rest to leave the listener thinking they have just heard an honest rendition of what reality is. With each statement they utter you have to keep asking yourself, it this really right. It can wear one out.

Watch out for half truths and especially watch out for those folks who always vote a straight political ticket. Neither party is perfect and they have professionals helping them to whip out those 30 second commercials.

If Obama gets in, I feel it is due to the frustration of George Bush's ill-planned decisions. Obama is no dummy but experience is definitely lacking but yet Biden has plenty of experience. You will will note that all four candidates have strong backgrounds. Both Biden and McCain have many experiences and both are outspoken. Obama got to where he is because of the general publics frustrations and they want changes as to how Washington operates. Many changes need to come about and the leadership in both houses in Congress need to be kicked out. They are concerned about keeping their jobs and getting attention rather than solving problems.

John Edwards really is in the sewer where he should be. The idea that he never cheated on his wife while she had cancer so he isn't a scum bag is ridiculous. The poor woman had cancer, it just wasn't active. I think she has allowed him to stay as she knows her time is limited and she wants the children to have a stabilizer in their lives, thinking he is still a good father. You'd think his political career is over but then, think about Slick Willy.

I have to tell you I got the message of Lieberman---think American rather than Democrat or

Republican. McCain found a young talented gal who speaks from the heart. It certainly has been pointed out that she has as much experience as Obama.

The reason I got to thinking about people speaking half truths really started when I picked up the Chronicle Times and found a letter to the editor from Thomas Willems. Folks in Marcus were either laughing it off or just plain disgusted that it was written as they know the situation, But the remaining county residents may be tempted to think the letter must have some truth in it.

The residents of Marcus do not live under a dictatorship. Yes, there are some regulations (laws) pertaining to the height of fences and scantily clothed in public whether it is on your own private land or on someone else's isn't the way to go. Fences are regulated so one neighbor cannot block the view for the other residents. Laws are made to be fair to all.

The Marcus Council and the mayor have been very progressive in enhancing the economic climate of Marcus. I surely do not need to list everything that has been added in the last 10 years. The days are gone when small communities can just sit on their laurels. The state has many regulations for every community to follow. I know many of us can get irritated with one regulation or another, but they were made for the benefit of the majority.

I have found that many people complain because they have no idea what it takes to serve the county, council or board. There is much time spent reading and keeping up on changes with laws and access to funds. There are many committees councilmen and supervisors have to serve on and each takes time. Is it no wonder why some times we have a hard time getting good people to run for office when they know there are ill-informed folks out there, just waiting to shoot someone down?

False rumors and stories spread about individuals who work hard for the public deserve better than that. so before you pass on a story, best check it out from a reliable source and be aware of someone who may just have an ax to grind.