Sustained excellence

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As the many dedicated volunteers gear up for another season, the beat goes on both behind the scenes and on stage for the highly anticipated, annual performances of the renowned Cherokee Symphony.

As we've said before in this space, the entire Cherokee area is fortunate to have "our" symphony, comprised of highly skilled musicians from throughout Northwest Iowa. Year after year, season after season, practice after practice, and performance after performance, the Cherokee Symphony never fails to entertain with its joyous, uplifting musical selections and toe-tapping rythms.

Making the performances all the more entertaining and intriguing are the many talented solo instrumentalists who accompany the large symphony orchestra - from the "Young Artists" to the seasoned amateur and professional musicians coming to Cherokee to perform.

This is not to detract from the incredible "regular" talented musicians who comprise the Cherokee Symphony.

In addition to them, we are blessed to have Maestro Lee Thorson at the controls year after year, keeping our symphony going strong and conducting with a skill, grace and style that brings the best out of all the musicians involved.

To present the quality of symphonies we've been treated to in the past requires an incomparable dedication and practice work ethic for both the musicians and the many local "Symphony Boosters."

We applaud all those involved for their labors of love in making our town's symphony such a shining light in this community.