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Friday, May 6, 2016

Winding Roads: Getting Old

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recently I was invited back to my hometown for a combination celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary of a high school classmate and a gathering of our class. We marked our 50th class reunion in 2006. At that time, most of us were relatively healthy but now the tide is beginning to turn.

I couldn't believe how the conversation went late in the afternoon beginning with health issues. Someone made a crack about getting cremated as it would be cheaper than buying a plot and a casket. My brother who died last year was cremated and eventually his ashes will be spread in the Garden of the Gods as they spent much time there. We also decided that in time, perhaps we'd run out of space on this earth for burial plots.

The couple of cemeteries we saw in California were not kept at the level we are used to around here. Our grounds are manicured compared to what it is there.

We also decided that after a couple of generations, no one will probably visit your grave site. Your children will come and no doubt your grandchilden, but after that, it becomes doubtful.

That got them talking about caskets and how expensive most are. One gal mentioned that an undertaker had told them how smooth the material was in the one casket and so easy on the skin. Who cares several asked if the dead is dead. What are they going to feel? Another commented they heard one promote having a good mattress in the coffin and again, how would the dead know the difference? It then carried on to the vault which would be sealed tight. Many thought in time, it really wouldn't make a difference unless you suspected some wrongful death suit.

Eventually, it got to picking out a tombstone and how costly they can be. I chimed in that color as well as size can make a big difference in cost. Why spend a lot of money on a stone when it could be put to better use.

I imagine this went on for 20-30 minutes before I announced my surprise that we were discussing this. Are we getting old or what? Everyone one had a good laugh but th epoint is that we are all entertaining thoughts o of living in the winter of our lives.

As I looked at them, some have aged quite a bit while others still look very good. Three have cancer battles they are fighting. We had such a good time laughing about each other that we decided to get together next year and snack while we yak all day long. We thought we better get together as much as we can while we still can.

I'm hoping I'm able to go back south in a short time for a barbecue. I realize time marches on whether we want it to or not. It's like that saying, "Take time to smell the roses as you go along".

I'm going to have to have cateract surgery on my eyes eventually and to tell you the truth, I wish it was sooner than later. This haze makes it hard to read the computer.

Then I fear there is an excellent chance I will have t have rotator cuff surgery. No picnic there. Pray for my better half when that happens as he will have to deal with me.

Meanwhile, stay active and try to enjoy life while you can. There isn't a second chance to get it right.