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Winding Roads:Where's the money?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our worse scenario is becoming a reality. It's all over the news and all of us wish it wasn't. It isn't that most of us knew this nation had a debt load that it can barely carry. But if you will remember that many months ago, I noted that some of our country's enemies are smart enough to take this country over without shooting a shot at us or bomb anything. They can do it all through our debt load because too many of us are too stupid or too lazy to care.

I love that ad on TV which was selling large TV's and they played a tune with the words, "I want it all---I want it all- and I want it now." I always smiled through it as it simply states what is wrong with this country. Sure we want our kids to reach for the stars and succeed. The rate of that success is what's wrong.

I shared with my nephew's son who is attending pre-med at Washington State that even though he didn't know his great-grandparents, I wanted him to know a few things about them. Both came as very young children to this country from German and Wales. Both families were dirt poor. But they were taught hard work and persistence paid off. They also believed in getting a good education. The third item was to love God, your family and to try to make this place a better place by helping others. Each generation was to do better than the last.

We don't have any folks in our family who have stolen or harmed someone else. They all have very reputable reputations, clean homes and a loving family to support each other. There has never been a contest to try to outdo the other.

It's too bad we all aren't made that way. Education is a good foundation to build your life on. Work helps our bodies be strong.

Everyone wants the half million and up homes that is about $450,000 beyond their means. I saw one gal on TV who spoke in across the border accent saying she was totally inexperienced in buying a home and the realtor took her for a ride. You should have seen the home. I think it was built for a Hollywood starlet. How could she even begin to think this home was in her price range? Now, do you think we should bail her out? She noted her son did not want to leave that home. I would imagine most kids would love to reside in a mansion and yet,we are suppose to feel sorry for her. Give us all a break.

I guess we should have started writing down all the companies that are getting relief from the government. More will request it. It is just like a dam breaking. We kept getting the spin that the economy if just fine and too many folks were stupid to believe it. Perhaps it was just hope and fearing the worse.

I personally would like to see these jokers (CEO's and those who were suppose to have oversight) do some time or pay a fine and at the very least, not walk away with a dime in their pockets. Bonuses should only be something they dream about. It is also like I said several months ago, where is the patriot who wanted to see their country flourish rather than just their own pockets? Apparently, these guys have no loyalty to this country and we should make sure they do not walk away with millions in their pockets. Basically, they are taking money from all of us.

Do you suppose it is time for all of us to get another check? I understand that all of our income tax, if paid in equal installments through the 12 months, that the debt interest alone would take 4 1/2 months of that amount. Think about it---just the interest. No principal paid and just like a king- size credit debt, the interest keeps accumulating with each time period.

It's not just the debt. It's the lost of good paying jobs. It's the fact that our southern border is still open and neither of these jokers are going to do a thing about it. They want the Mexican votes. Maybe we just all need to get on welfare and let the government pay our way as well.