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Winding Roads: Getting the job done

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lately I have had a number of experiences which have irritated me and I'm sure I'm not the only person who may identify with the similar situations. Basically it's people who go out to get a job and at the time of their hiring, they express how wonderful it is that they snagged that particular employment opportunity.

Let me share with you what I mean. Many of these people are just a voice over the phone. You draw upon their tone, lack of clarity and their knowledge to solve the situation.

When we purchased a Buick in 2007, we were introduced to the satellite radio. You are given a three- month period to decide whether you want to keep the service. That is a great selling tool because after the trial period, you become hooked on it. You have all sorts of stations to turn to, with me, I especially like to get those news channels and music of the decades, comedy routines and so forth. So, after the trial period we ordered it for a year.

A year later, almost to the week, we traded for a 2008 car and again was granted a three-month period. Again, we subscribed for the year in late June. By August, the bill kept coming and I would call to explained we did pay. They said we should have cancelled on the 2007 but they understood and would clear it up. Another 10 days and another bill. That's when I noticed a different account number and called them again. I thought I was firm and clearly walked them through the steps with the time period stated. I hung up thinking all was right with the world.

Then I received another notice on Monday and called again. i was about ready to cancel the whole thing but I feared I'd never see a dime. After I did threaten to cancel, the voice on the other end said he could do that. but something inside me said that wasn't the way to go, so I asked for a supervisor and held on for 15 minutes. Finally, I felt I achieved my goal and much to my delight, I received a call from a representative apologizing for the mix-up and who hoped I'd enjoy the radio.

It's just that persistence really takes a toll but in the end is worth it.

Other people have noticed clerks who are hired to wait on folks yet they seem to turn their heads when folks are trying to get their attention, or else they will answer with as few a words as possible. Very few will help you find what you are looking for. I guess that's why I usually go to the same stores where shopping is pleasant.

Restaurants can be made or broken by the type of waiters they hire. Perhaps managers need to do a trial run with them. Recently, we had apparently a new gal who didn't have the common sense to bring a glass of water along with a menu. Silverware was also lacking until after we received our order. If we don't get decent service, there is either a zero tip or a miniscule one. Why reward bad service?

The public is getting a heavy dose of this lack of dedication to the job. It doesn't matter what type of employment you have, people need to take pride in doing whatever they are hired to do and do the best they can. Although I do think management has to be aware of how their employees are doing and jack them up when they falter.


On the subject of $700 billion, only God knows what is the prudent thing to do. Who can we trust? Many have failed the American public in the recent past but the well is running dry. I wonder when they will vote their conscience rather than vote to keep a job. It is a sad day and we can't be proud of how we waste resources and expect society to pay just because "some want it all and they want it now".