Coping with illegal dumping

Monday, October 6, 2008

We applaud the Department of Natural Resources Energy and Waste Management Bureau's continuing efforts to raise awareness about illegal dumping in Iowa.

It is no secret that the illegal disposal of solid waste presents serious environmental and public health problems. The indiscriminate dumping of tires, appliances, construction debris, e-waste, and other solid wastes and hazardous substances has far-reaching effects on the environment, the quality of life in Iowa communities, and the disposal practices and habits of the general public.

Local government officials and other interested parties are encouraged to stay abreast of any and all information from sources that might highlight ways to combat the problem at both city and county levels.

Many cities and counties in Iowa have implemented effective programs to prevent illegal dumping and prosecute offenders. We ask that all government officials involved openly and regularly communicate with each other regarding

illegal dumping, followed by renewed focus on resources, tools, plans and strategies that local governments can implement to combat the sinister problem.

And to be sure to share all information with their constituents, because public awareness is primary in solving this hazardous blight on our environment.