League of Cities benefits Iowa

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Under the Iowa League of Cities' Constitution, the League must establish a Legislative Policy Committee that works each year to identify and develop a set of legislative priorities. These priorities then serve as a focal point for legislators and the League throughout the legislative session.

In July and August Committee members formulated and finalized this year's legislative priorities. The 2009 priorities were then approved by the Committee and presented to the Iowa league of Cities Executive Board, which approved them. The final step was the vote of the general membership on each identified priority. They were all approved.

The League then established a brochure for its members and legislative staff to use as a tool when speaking to Iowa legislators.

With the Iowa Legislation session quickly approaching, the League urges all city officials to begin communicating with their legislators to help lay the groundwork for important city legislative issues.

The priorities for 2009 include:

*Disaster Recovery Legislation - Advocate progressive flood and storm recovery policies and programs that help cities rebuild for the future.

*TIME-21 Funding: Increase funding for the TIME-21 fund to reach or exceed the $200 million needed annually to maintain Iowa's roads and bridges.

*City Revenue Options and Property Taxes - Diversify funding for cities by authorizing additional alternatve revenue options and lessen city dependence on property taxes.

*Economic Development Initiatives - Maintain of increase funding for economic development programs and encourage policies aimed at enhancing city economic development.

*Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure - Address city drinking water and wastewater infrastructure needs.

We applaud the Iowa League of Cities, its hard work at defining such priorities, and its dedication to our state.