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Winding Roads:Remember the joy of living

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is full of ups and downs, The important thing to remember is that it takes the downs or the valleys of life to really appreciate the good. I have had some trouble with a sore shoulder and throughout the summer it continually went downhill. Since August, I've been seeing some doctors to learn what to do about the situation.

The Hohbachs have always looked to the Mayo Clinic for answers and indeed, the answer was found there. The only reason I'm writing about this is to remind you as I was reminded how precious life can be. We live our daily lives with much expectation that life will remain as we know it. Then something comes along to remind you not to take life for granted. Enjoy each day as if it could be your last.

I can't tell you the number of patients that are seen at the Mayo Clinic each day but it is a bunch. It would be quite a chore to keep everyone straight. People of all ages and nationalities go there to seek relief from every kind of infliction imaginable. Yet. everyone who is employed there has always been gracious, helpful and understanding. You'd think they would grow impersonal with so much heartache surrounding them.

In my case, I went thinking I needed to have surgery on my shoulder rotator cuff. After having some x-rays done, we met with one of the doctors where you discussed your health history and symptoms. That is when he dropped the bombshell of various case scenarios which included a tumor there.

For the next five hours, we lived a small quiet hell waiting for the MRI to be done and then learning if such a thing was possible. One doesn't have much appetite then and your nerves are screaming make this go away. As we sat in the lobby waiting for the next appointment. we sat and watched the crowd. There is always some musical entertainment through the noon hour. On this day, two young gals played the piano and sang "Abide with Me". I felt like I was attending my own funeral.

There was an emergency which delayed seeing the surgeon so after a long afternoon, they sent me to have an MRI done. Can you believe they have 25 machines? When I first saw the men and women sitting there waiting for the same test, I thought I'd be there an eternity. It went as quick as it could be and we returned for the verdict.

The surgeon did provide me with an alternative surgery and more importantly, there was no cancer. But the relief and joy that fills your heart is immeasurable. Every day routine matters are a thrill to do as life is very good.

The Mayo lobby provides an insight to the many health problems and how appreciative one should be when your health is good. Just don't take that for granted. It truly is the little things in life that are the most important. don't lose sight of that.