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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads:Vote---it's your duty

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hohbachs spent a couple of weeks visiting their daughter and husband and to soak up the atmosphere of our nation's capitol. The climate is different from here and certainly the economy is quite different. You really see very little of the middle class. The poor folks have a steep hill to climb as most things are very pricey there.

I went to a couple of craft shows while there. One was held in a small quaint town whose birth goes back to the 1700's. Buildings are old and much fun to see. People sell their creations along with some antiques. It is enjoyable to see what they throw together. There is very little parking space in a town like that so folks park three to five miles outside of the town and walk in to enjoy the food and purchase their choice of wares.

The other show was held near Dulles Airport and it was immense. You could find everything under the sun and none of it was cheap. My feet ached as we walked up and down the building weaving in and out of crowds. There actually are more artists than craft folks and they come from all over. They cater to women's weaknesses such as jewelry, purses and clothing. Paintings range from a coupe of hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars in all sizes. It was hard to walk away from some. A few of them recognized my daughter and since I've been to three or four of them, I recognized some of their work.

The point is that we just don't go to craft shows here and spend a wad like they do there. It is simply a different economy. I had a couple of folks ask me what Virginians are thinking as far as the national election goes. My family is strong Republicans and thus, their friends are saying the same things. They think the nation will be in a terrible mess if McCain doesn't win.

We went to a B and B which was built in 1700 and the owner was a stitch. We sat around a fireplace where slave owners used to cook all of the meals for this plantation. I never laughed so hard as the owner told stories. He was a conservative guy who used to work for the CIA in South America. He had just one story after another on various political issues. We stayed up late and I was wishing I had a tape recorder going.

In fact, Clarence and I slept in one bedroom where Thomas Jefferson once slept. Jefferson was doing some architect drawing for expanding the mansion when he stayed there about three hours south of D.C.

In west Virginia, the folks we spoke to are for Obama.

I personally think this country is headed downhill as our debt load is too much. All of that bailout money was not a good thing but I don't blame any one party as they each had a role in getting us to where we are. If I thought taking a vacation would lower the fuel price, we would have gone sooner and more often. Each time we return, the price went down.

CEO's need to be held accountable for living so high on the hog. We are all going to be hurting before this is over unless our politicians get it together. I forgot about the huge visitor center this country is building on the east side of the capitol building. It's about at a standstill and the dollars getting spent are beyond our budget. Streets are closed that once were opened due to terrorists. Our world has changed,

Your guess is as good as mine on who is best to lead. I do think Obama will be in and all I can say is that if things do not go well, all those folks he got out to vote could end up starting riots is they feel betrayed. Obama has promised the sun and the moon. I hope most election machines will work properly or who knows when we will will know who wins?

Do your duty and vote. Give it serious consideration.