The dawn of a new day - finally

Thursday, November 13, 2008

They are blaming the "biased national media," but the Republican Party has no one to blame but itself for the resounding victories registered by the Democrat Party in Tuesday's General Elections.

After all, the sad circle of eight years of continuous abuse foisted on the American public by out-going President George W. Bush, one of the biggest stumblebums to ever hold a national office of any kind, had to come around eventually.

And when it did - WHAMMO! in your face George W. Nero. And, by the way, thanks for dragging us through it all by the nose for eight years while Rome burned.

Because of his decisive victory Tuesday as the real America cried out for beautiful "change" in the ugly face of "more of the same," newly elected President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden have the potential to be a powerful antidote to the illness George W. infested upon this nation; an illness that also felled quality Republican presidential candidate and beloved war hero, John McCain.

We're not going in to all the travesties during his eight years from hell that George W. imparted on America and its people - from the irrational wars generated in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the sky-rocketing fuel and food prices that have decimated much of America, to the insane and profane profits recorded by the Bush family's buddies running the oil companies, to the nation's historic failed economy, to the President's expert portrayal of Pontius Pilot washing his hands of the "mess," all the while acting like Alfred E. Newman, "What, me worry?"

President George W. Bush is an educated, charming, engaging member of the Lucky Sperm Club smart enough to marry way over his head, as his lovely, intelligent wife, Laura verifies.

But from that most dubious voting faux pas eight years ago that handed him the election in Florida - ironically where his brother served as Governor - throughout his eight troubled years as our President, George W. Bush must go down in history as not a true friend of the American people.

And if the many upstanding members of the reeling Republican Party - who admittedly would select the Geico Gecko as their candidate if they thought he could win - did not have their heads bowed in shame Wednesday morning, we have learned nothing in the past eight years of pain their Man inflicted on the United States of America.

And as the tens of millions of voters cried out Tuesday across this battered land - there's only one way to go now, and that is up.