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BASIC BIITTNER - When you assume...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When I first read, last summer, that the state of Nebraska had passed a "Safe Haven" law, I noticed in the article that no age limit was listed for the children who could be left at Nebraska's hospitals, and joked about parents dropping off their "problem" teenagers.

Well, guess what? My joke has turned out to be a reality. As you have no doubt heard, more than 30 children of all ages from several different states have been "deposited" by their frustrated parents at hospitals in the Cornhusker state. The state legislators are now backpedaling as fast as they can to put an age limit on the law.

I am guessing that when the law was written, the legislators made the assumption that people would understand that the law was designed to protect newborn infants. As they say, when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

The lawmakers' incorrect assumption was that everyone out there shares their values, ethics and morals. Wrong. There are a lot of people who saw this law as a perfect solution to solving their child rearing problems. Can't get Junior to straighten out? Haul him off to Nebraska (wherever THAT is.. I'll look it up on GoogleMaps.com...) and he'll be their problem...

I hope that legislators learn from this whole sad situation, and in the future, don't spell out everything in the laws they pass.

In today's society, unfortunately, there are people out there just looking for any loophole they can find to shirk their personal responsibilities and pass them off to someone else.

Here's hoping everything gets straightened out in the Nebraska situation and it ends well for all concerned. Especially the children - whatever their age.

Dan Whitney
Basic Biittner