CMS vocalists audition for Opus Honor Choirs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
8th grade (left to right) Row 2: Charlie Belden, Zac Taylor, Jordan Taylor. Row 1: Mariah Clyde, Hanna Henson.

This year Cherokee Middle School had 33 students audition for the 2008-2009 Opus Honor Choirs. These students worked at the beginning of the school year, and some throughout the summer, to prepare for the auditions. The auditions were all recorded onto a CD and sent to the Opus committee for judging. The committee has no idea where students are from, which helps to insure an impartial judging system. The committee listens to the recorded auditions and makes their selections. Auditions for each choir are state-wide, and out of over 3200 total auditions, there are only approximately 720 students selected. Pictured are the students from Cherokee Middle School who auditioned.

Left to right, Kaitlan Kennebeck, Mariah Clyde, Elizabeth Peterson were selected to participate in the Opus Middle School Honor Choir. Photo submitted.

Kaitlan Kennebeck, Mariah Clyde, and Elizabeth Peterson were selected for participation in the Honor Choir Festival.

5th and 6th grade (left to right) Row 3: Monica Daugherty, Kaitlyn Parrott, Kamie Crum, Brookelyn Hoeppner. Row 2: Elizabeth Peterson, Kaitlan Kennebeck, Hannah Burkhart, Emily Lamoureux. Row 1: Emma Wolterman, Liz Herrera, Katie Gannon.

Kaitlan and Elizabeth are in the 6th grade, and Mariah is in the 8th grade at Cherokee Middle School.

7th grade (left to right) Row 3: Luke Lamoureux, Jennifer Davis, Blake Booth, Macenzie Wood, Brett Walker, Hannah Lewis. Row 2: Danni Roethler, Briana McGarry, Blake Halverson, Dallas Boger, Jared Conover, Abby Lubeck. Row 1: Alex Maurer, Mariah Collins, Josh Haupert, Nate Fowler, Kristin Gerhardt.

All of the Cherokee students who auditioned are under the direction of Kristine Zylstra.

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