Students describe the Thanksgiving meal

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recently, Kelly Pitts, Second Grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School asked here students how to make a turkey and what ever else they had with their Thanksgiving feast.

How to get ready for a Thanksgiving meal. I would buy the turkey at Hy-Vee. Then I would go home. Then I would wash it. I would cook it for 50 degrees. When the turkey is done the turkey has to go on a plate. I would put with the turkey vegetables and potatoes.

Hunter Hildebrand

Well this is how it all starts. We buy the turkey at a store. So once we buy the turkey we put it in a big pot of hot water. Then we put the temperature on 30 degrees. And my grandma and grandpa bring the pie. And we make stuffing. We put this kind of cabbage in it. And we cook it for 4 minutes.

Abby Goettsch
I buy my turkey at Hy-Vee and if I would have known how to cook I would use the same recipe that my mom would use, but I don't want to copy my mom. So this is what I use. I buy turkey at Hy-Vee. Then I would put it in the oven for ten or twenty minutes.
Yesenia Fajardo

This is how we get ready for Thanksgiving. First we go to Hy-Vee and get the roast, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, meat, and we party like crazy. Then we cook everything, but the turkey goes last because my grandpa has to take the heart out, then clean it, then cook it. But I think it goes in the oven for 20 minutes and I think it should be below a 100. The best thing I like to eat is the turkey. Then everyone goes home.

Dre Bezoni

I eat turkey at Thanksgiving. My dad shoots the turkey. I cook it in the oven for 6 minutes. The oven is 40 degrees. I stay home and my family comes to our house and we eat the turkey in the backyard. I make pie and I eat beans.

Caleb Wolterman

I get my turkey at K-Mart. When I get home I put spices on it. Then I put it in the oven for 25 minutes. Then temperature is 20. When it is done I put a thing in it to see if it is done. Then I get it on the table. Then I eat.

Felicity Hotz

You get turkey at stores. Take the wrapper off and then put it in the oven and then you wait for 42 minutes and then you take it out of the oven. And then check it and you get this from the store. It is corn. You put it in a microwave. And mashed potatoes. You make it you put butter and milk and mix it and you put it in the oven and wait.

Mary McQueen

Feast at Thanksgiving

We go to our grandma's. We set our turkey up to 300. We set our turkey up to 2 hours. We also have stuffing and potatoes and other stuff. We cook our turkey in the oven. We love turkey. We also have pie.

Kinsey Voss

Thanksgiving Feast

You shoot a turkey. This is how you cook it. You start with the time is 2:00 minutes. This is how hot it is 100 degrees. Then you eat it.

Zane Thelen

You get turkey from a turkey. My grandma cooks it maybe 187 degrees. My favorite is pumpkin pie. My other favorite is turkey. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, I almost forgot. She maybe cooks it a half hour. And we have mashed potatoes.

Thadeus Booth

How to get ready for my Thanksgiving meal -- First I go buy the turkey. Then I set the oven at 250 and now the turkey is almost done. So now I have to put in the potatoes and the casserole and stuffing. Now everything is done so now I am done, but I still have to make strawberry salad. When that's done then I have to clean the house and the kitchen and get all of the food and go out to my Aunt Janelle's house. We play games and then we go to my grandma's house. Me and my cousins play with the kittens and then it gets dark and play ghosty ghosty and tag and hide and seek and red light green light. Then we go for walks in the pasture and the grove and down to the creek. Then we go back and then me and Grace play with Abby.

Addie Cosgrove

I like turkey because it is my favorite and I eat with my mom and dad and Aangel and me. I cook it 8-9 minutes.

Johnathon Stevens

My dad kills it and he skins it and then he cooks it. Then we go to my grandma's house. Sometimes we cook the temperature goes to 10 and for 2 hours. We put cabbage around it and we eat beef jerkey.

Wyatt Kraft
I may hunt the turkey. I have to take the bugs out. I might cook it like 40 degrees. It will take 2 hours. We might have potatoes and carrots and we might invite friends.
Brayan DeLao

I get my turkey at Hy-Vee. When the turkey is in the stove it is 25 minutes and the heat has to be 50 degrees. After the turkey is done we go out of town to go to my Aunt Terry's for Thanksgiving day. My Aunt Terry makes all of the other stuff. We might have pumpkin pie and stuffing and dressing.

Preston Nielsen

My mom gets the turkey from Hy-Vee because that's where she got it from last year. She cooked it for 45 minutes and she cooks stuffing and pumpkin pie and jello and corn.

Angus Tarbill
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