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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Winding Roads: Tis a season to be thoughtful

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's been nearly three months since I last wrote a column. It's not that I didn't have an opinion about anything but seeing all the letters on the the computer was a struggle. It is just amazing how much better I see after eye surgery.

As like many of you, it is a busy season preparing for the holidays, and there is always something to do. We started early this year as I thought I might have surgery on my should right prior to Christmas. That gave me the incentive to kick it in gear. We put our tree up right before Thanksgiving and I can honestly say I haven't grown weary of it. (We weren't having guests so I got away with it.)

I started shopping right away also and wrapping as I went. The only problem was remembering what I bought. I have no idea what I'd do if I had a real large family. I finally told hubby I just needed to stay out of stores as with the good bargains, I kept buying more than needed to take advantage of the sales. I really think that is their motive to hook you in. For those who's budget is in distress, shopping late is the wise thing to do this year. With baking nearly done and cards off, I find myself having time to enjoy it all.

Last night I appreciated "Christmas in Washington." I wish someone would get the idea to rerun some of the Christmas music shows of years ago if they can't produce new ones. There is too much guts and blood shown on the screen. Shooting a person is portrayed as a heroic thing to do. Either that, or too much skin is exposed.

Listening to one speaker recently, there certainly is enough heartache around this country. Too many of us thought our nation was immune to what many other countries endured. Now it seems there are more problems on our horizons than we could imagine five years ago. People losing jobs and their homes. Seniors having to choose between buying groceries or medications. Young children being mistreated and neglected.

I think a majority of our negative situations have been brought along by greed. I still love that advertisement on TV depicting a guy getting his large new TV to the tune of "I want it all and I want it NOW." That is the motto for this country. We want it all and no one should question our right to have it.

How else could a person go and buy a home several hundred thousands more than what they could afford? Yes, I know the government was behind Fanny and Freddy to encourage buying homes but when should a person stop using their conscience (common sense) to stop oneself from going over the line. Doesn't everyone realize what they can afford within a reasonable range? If a person was buying a home and had health problems which prevented one from providing the family with an income to live on, that is another situation. We simply have too many free-loaders. The person who wants a job and soon as they land it, start complaining about being over-worked. Many folks take no pride in trying to do a job well regardless of what it is.

Then there are our politicians who think they have a God-given right to lie or at the least twist words to convey the meaning which would get them re-elected. They want to be keep being fed at the troth of tax dollars and are so manipulative. In short, they are full of themselves.

What about the latest scandal of this Easterner who milked billionaires and several charities out of their money? The big question is how he milked so many before he was charged and can stay in his palatial surroundings with just an ankle bracelet on. Do you think he remorseful? What a joke!

Congress doesn't see any harm in what they have just done. Our grandchildren will be paying our debts. Now the news is saying what many of those dollars whose purpose was to reduce monthly home payments, is not getting the job done. Money has gone down the drain somewhere as the banks aren't working with the program. In short, the plan wasn't developed thoroughly enough for a system to run smoothly. Thus, the money has been wasted. Haste makes waste.

The good news is that the Bush administration is working with Obama's planning team. Regardless of who you voted for, let's hope partisan politics might become a thing of the past and common sense rule. Working hand in hand is what built this country and we need to return to that value.

All of us need to return to the values of honesty, respect and so forth that the Bible teaches us. Attendance in churches are lacking. Whatever your faith, one needs it to count on to get us through these tough times and to be better role models for our children.

Your Christmas will be merrier when you put others first.