'Tis the season

Monday, December 29, 2008

With sufficient planning and a well-balanced menu, it's possible for us to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without gaining too much weight and making the much-anticipated joyous times stressful and worrisome.

In fact, here are some timely tips for proper management of our holiday dining:

*Be realistic. By making small changes in your diet during the holidays you will be able to make sensible choices. As an example, have a light snack an hour before an event. You'll go feeling less hungry, resisting the urge to over-eat.

*Be adventurous. Expand your tastes by trying new and exciting foods. Incorporate more, new or different fruits and vegetables into your meals. Try a new main dish at a family meal once a week.

*Be flexible. Don't worry about splurging from time to time on your beloved holiday foods. Make sure to balance what you eat and your physical activity over several days. Eat a lighter lunch or fit in an extra walk after dinner.

*Be active. Remember to fit fitness in. The key is to keep your body moving. Walk around the block at lunchtime, or try a fun winter activity - like ice skating, sledding or cross country skiing.

Most of all, enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and your favorite foods!