Motorists, be careful out there

Monday, December 29, 2008

Along with winter's snowfall, or freezing rains, or blowing snow, or frigid, arctic temperatures, area motorists should prepare themselves and their vehicles for traveling in hazardous conditions on our streets, roads and highways.

There are many safe-driving tips on driving in Iowa in the winter that should be adhered to, including:

*Check road conditions. Call 1-800-288-1047 for a recorded message on winter road conditions, or check the internet at www.weather.dot.state.ia.us.

*Be aware of patches of pavement where shadows from trees, bridges or buildings might have allowed frost, ice, or packed snow to remain.

*Be aware that ramps, bridges, overpasses and inclines occasionally might freeze sooner than pavement.

*Adjust your vehicle's speed to the conditions and increase following distances.

*Avoid the use of cruise control when snow, ice, freezing rain or sleet is on the pavement.

*Be wary of black ice (roads that look wet but actually are glazed with ice).

*Drive defensively and give yourself a little more time to get to your destination.

*Turn on your lights - to see and be seen.

*Drive well below the posted speed limit.

Area motorists, please pay heed to these safe driving tips and make sure the young drivers in your family read them, remember them, and employ them.

We like having you around and don't want to see your health or lives ruined by careless driving in hazardous conditions.