Chamber regrets Christmas lights failure

Monday, December 29, 2008

Excess moisture, inadequate fuses blamed

As you drive through the City of Cherokee admiring the Christmas lights this holiday season, you may be wondering why there seems to be an excessive number of snowflakes not lit or only partially lit.

The Cherokee Chamber of Commerce is on the case. A statement from the Chamber had the following to say:

"The Chamber appreciates all the donations that came from businesses and individuals in the Cherokee community to purchase these decorations and they have been working relentlessly to solve this problem" said Chamber Director Julie Hering Kent.

"But first, a thank you to members of the Chamber of Commerce Promotions Team who volunteered to check over the snowflakes before they were hung. They replaced light bulbs and fuses to make sure everything was working fine before they were hung," added Kent.

"Another big thank you goes to Cherokee City workers, Mid American Energy, and Champion Electric who volunteered to hang the decorations.

Unfortunately, after a few days, we started to notice snowflakes that were not working or only partially working" Kent stated.

"Mid-American Energy took down several of the snowflakes that were not working and helped identify the problem as blown fuses in the plugs. Kurt Clabuagh picked up the snowflakes after they were taken off the poles and took them back to his store while we figured out what could be causing so many fuses to blow," said Kent.

Kent further added, "The Chamber of Commerce office has been working with the company that sold us the snowflakes to see why we are having so many problems with the brand new decorations. The company has agreed to replace the current plugs with heavy-duty plugs and fuses. The new plugs are here, but the recent snows have kept city workers busy with other priorities."

"The new plugs will go on the snowflakes before they are hung next year so that we can avoid any of these problems in the future."

Kent's statement ended with "On behalf of the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked through this matter."

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