Fond farewell to Wetherell

Monday, December 29, 2008
Ron Wetherell, center left ( wearing a brown jacket), was honored by many Cherokee County citizens on Dec. 23rd at the Cherokee County Courthouse. After a 16-year stint as a County Supervisor, Wetherell retired from public service and now plans on traveling in his retirement. Photo by Mike Leckband.

A farewell coffee reception honoring longtime Cherokee County Supervisor Ron Wetherell was held in the courtroom at the Cherokee County Courthouse on Tuesday Dec. 23rd.

Many well wishers showed up to make Wetherell's last day memorable.

Wetherell has served on the Board of Supervisors since 1992, and during the last 16 years he has seen many changes within the county. The biggest change he has seen is that the cost of running the county has gone up dramatically.

Certificate of Appreciation - Cherokee County Board of Supervisor, Jeff Simonsen presented Supervisor Ron Wetherell a Certificate of Appreciation on Dec. 23 for his 16 years of service to Cherokee County . Photo by Mike Leckband

Now retired, Wetherell plans to hit the road and travel for a while. He is an avid race fan and chances are that he'll be heading to the Southern U.S. and hit the racing circuit.

When asked what projects he'll miss he answered "All of them, but mainly I'll miss the Secondary Roads and being involved with all of that."

He also added "I'll miss a lot of the people that I've gotten to know over the years. This county has a lot of good people in it."

When asked what was his most memorable project in the last 16 years was, he replied "There used to by this old apartment building east of the Courthouse. Seeing it get torn down and having the guy's for Secondary Roads come in with dirt and make the Courthouse look nice with a big yard. Plus, the land will be available in the future for a new county jail."

During his farewell reception the Cherokee County Board of Supervisor's Chairman Jeff Simonsen, presented Wetherell with a Certificate of Appreciation for 16 years of personal commitment, dedication and performance as a member of the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors.

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