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Santa stories from Roosevelt elementary

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dianne Klinker's class stories

The Day After Christmas Eve

By Kammy Briggs

Christmas is over and Santa came home. Mrs. Claus missed him. They went on a long vacation with all of his elves. They went to Texas and they bought their swimming suit because they went to the beach. Mrs. Claus lies on the beach and she usually gets sunburn. One time Mr. Claus was trying to dive in the ocean. When he dived he kept messing up. He finally got scared and decided to give up. Mrs. Claus was laughing at him. When the vacation was over they went home. Mr. Claus always has hot coco and Mrs. Claus has some lemonade before they start getting ready for the next year. When it is time for Christmas they deliver all the presents to the good children.

Why Has Santa Not Come?

By Lindsay Williams

It was January 4, and Santa had not came yet to deliver the presents. The kids at Wyoming Elementary School and in kindergarten were talking about Santa not arriving, Jaden, a kindergartner said, "The only reason why Santa has not came yet is because too many kids are naughty." Sherry said, "Yeah, right, who did you hear that from, an apple?" she giggled. Jaden continues, "It's true my older brother told me so." His best friend, Tyler said, "The only reason he said that is because he doesn't' believe in him."

The teacher came into the classroom. Nelie asked, "Is the reason why Santa has not came yet is because too many kids are naughty?" Ms. Hoaglund said, "Heavens, heavens no. Now it's time to go home."

That very same day Nelie asked her mom, "Mom why has Santa not come yet?" her mom said, "Honey, it's only December 21."

Then Nelie said, to herself, "So that's the reason Ms. Hoagland said, Heavens heavens no and Jaden was making it up that it was January 4."

Then several days later it was December 25.

All the kids in Mr. Hoagland's class got presents well…almost everyone.

After Christmas

By Syndey Woltman

Christmas is over and Santa is coming home. When he gets home the first thing he does is to take the reins off the reindeer. He puts the reindeer in the stall to rest. Then he goes inside and has some hot chocolate. Then he goes to the elves' soccer game. After that he might go to the elves football game. Finally, he goes to sleep. Usually the next day he will do the same thing over again. He still has milk and cookies. This is how Santa spends his day after Christmas.


By Hunter Cook

Christmas is over and Santa came home. He decided to take a trip to Hawaii. He puts all his deer to sleep until the next year. He takes a boat to Hawaii. Mrs. Clause goes with him on his trips. He usually goes to Hawaii every year. He likes to swim and be in the sun. Last year, Santa went to go to Hawaii and spent his time on the beach again. When Christmas is about here Santa will come home and get ready to delivery presents.

Santa Before Christmas

By Kristian Stowater

It was two days until it was Christmas. Santa was still vacationing in Hawaii. Santa said, "I will not make it back to the North Pole in two days!" Rudolph was sick so he couldn't pull the sled back home. He nose wasn't hot red anymore. Santa was very sad and worried about how'd he get home before Christmas Eve. Santa designed a plan to get home in for Christmas. I am going to get a magic spaceship and to get me home in two days. Santa called Mrs. Claus back at the North Pole. He asked her to make him a magic spaceship to get me home because Rudolph is sick. Mrs. Claus told Santa that the other reindeer would make one for him. The elves flew the spaceship to Santa. Santa and Rudolph took the spaceship home. Santa delivered the presents on time.

What Santa Does After Christmas

By Rylee Gannon

I was sitting in my classroom and the teacher had an announcement. Everybody come up with what Santa does after Christmas. You better watch out because you don't want to be on the naughty list. So you better watch out. John asked if we could work with partners. "No, but maybe next time," said the teacher. Ding, Dong! "Ooph's that's the bell class is dismissed," said the teacher. "But stay if you are going to Keys, after school program." Stay in the gym. Have a great weekend. Remember that the Santa story is due on Monday."

Hi, I am Kasidy and I'm in Mr. Klinker's class. I have to write a story about what Santa does after Christmas. I'm going to use the secret weapon to guess what he does. That weapon in my imagination! Here is what I think Santa does after Christmas. I think Santa goes outside and play football with the boy elves. The girl elves cheer them on. After the game they go inside and start making more toys for the people on the good list. Those people on the naughty list didn't watch out. All the good people make cookies for Santa. There is so sweet, kind, nice, thoughtful and caring. Santa's snow globe tells him were the naughty and good kids are.

On the second day after Christmas in the morning when his clock goes coo coo, he jumps out of bed. Santa goes to the kitchen and grabs the munchies that have Doritos, Cheetos, and pretzels and last but not least sun chips. Then he sits on the couch and watches TV. The only reason he does that is because Saturday is his favorite day because theirs a rule about it. The rule says, "No work just rest. The rule was only meant for Santa. Right when Santa sits on the couch the elves grab a toy and fix them. After resting Santa helps the elves get ready. Mrs. Klinker said my Santa story was the best in the class. She also gave me an A for the rest of the school year. One more thing Merry Christmas!!!!


By Madelyn Herrera

It was after Christmas and Santa meets up with his friends, Mother Nature, Father of time, Quid and the Easter Bunny. They always talk about Christmas. They got done talking and then Santa helped the elves with the toys for next year. "One time Santa was getting sick and this was not good." Said the elf that always gave Santa cookies. "If Santa gets sick there would be no Christmas." Said the elf.

That is why the elf that always made inventions had an idea. The elf went and made a machine that when Santa stepped in the machine there would be two Santas. One day the real Santa went to the doctor. Then Santa's double became evil he made huge nutcrackers. The evil Santa gathered up the elves. Santa's littlest elf was left. Then Santa came home he saved the littlest elf. After Santa saved the elf. He wasn't sick but had to deal with the evil Santa. Evil Santa trapped Santa's littlest elf too. The evil Santa ordered his evil nutcrackers to take Santa's littlest elf to the rest of the elves. Then Santa put the evil Santa over his fireplace and he melted so Santa thought. Suddenly, the evil Santa came at Santa. Santa called to his reindeer to catch the evil Santa. They caught him and took the evil Santa to Florida to melt in the sun. The evil Santa was never seen again.

Santa's Job

By Tyler Richardson

When Santa is done delivering presents he goes back to the North Pole. He get's his elves to work for the next Christmas. The elves have to make more toys for the next year. He likes to rest for the next Christmas because he gets bored from the long sleigh ride. Santa puts his reindeer in their stables. The reindeer also rest for the rest of the year. The elves will help get Santa into his sleigh so test the reindeer. He has to test to see if the reindeer fly smooth. If they don't fly smooth the presents will fly out. The elves will look at the naughty and nice list before the next Christmas. They will decide who gets presents for the next year. This is how Santa and his elves spend the days before Christmas.

Santa Decided to go back to 3rd Grade

By Britney Amber Specht

One time after Christmas Santa decided to go back to 3rd grade to learn more. He loved to be back with Mrs. Klinker, his old 3rd grade teacher. He enjoyed learning about Christmas because he could learn more about elves, reindeer, and what Christmas was really about. He learned it wasn't about the toys and goodies, it is really about Jesus's birthday. When school was over for the year it was time to go back to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas Eve. When Santa got back Mrs. Clause asked Santa how his school year was. Santa said, "It was great!" This is what Santa did after Christmas.

What Santa Does When Christmas Is Over

By Leticia DelReal

Christmas is over Santa comes home. He puts the reindeers in the gate and goes in the house. Mrs. Claus is making hot chocolate and popcorn for Santa and her so they can watch a movie together. When the movie is over its time to feed the deer. Then it's time to go to sleep. The next day Santa is usually goes a Topical place to go to the zoo and also to eat at Burger King. But one year when he left Burger King he didn't use his sled. He used a really fast car so he could go to Mexico to the beach and collect shells. Also he tried to surf. Then he went home and told what happened to Mrs. Claus and elf one, elf two, elf three, Mother Nature and the rest of the people that work there. They thought he was funny. When Santa went to feed the reindeer it seemed that Blitzen and Rudolph were fighting. Santa got really mad and yelled, "Stop!" He got Blitzen and Rudolph out of the gate and gave food to the rest of the reindeer. He put Blitzen and Rudolph in their own little gates until they learned to behave. Soon it was December 25, 2009. Before Santa delivered the presents he checked the list to see who was naughty or nice for this year. Blitzen and Rudolph lead the way to each of the children's houses.

A Jolly, Big Day for Santa

By Anna Cox

Christmas has ended and Santa is back at the North Pole. Of course, Santa is tired. He lies down and takes a nap. He barely gets to sleep when Euie, an elf, says, "Let's go to Florida." Santa thought that was a good idea because he wanted to get some sun. They stayed on their vacation for two weeks. Then they thought they better get home because they thought Mrs. Claus would forget that Rudolph needed to be feed.

When they got home Mrs. Claus gave them a bowl of hot soup. "Mmmmm!" said Santa. "Nice, warm, delightful tomoto soup with crackers." Said Mrs. Claus. "Dorothy and Donna, to other elves, made it special. Then, Santa looked at the Christmas list." He saw the list that had 7 teddy bears, 10 dolls, 4 bar4bies, 8 cars, 6 robots and 3 baseballs." The, he asked for more soup." Then he went to check on the fly team and to feed them. So he got up, checked on the fly team, fed them. Finally Santa came into the house. It had been a hard day so Santa had some more soup. "Now I get to go to sleep." Santa said. "Yes," Mrs. Clause said. "I went to the store and bought you these." When Santa saw the pajamas he jumped up, went upstairs and hid the rest of the night." Oh my, oh my!" I don't want to wear pony pajamas." Said Santa. What a jolly, big day. He put on his pajamas and went to bed.

Santa Comes Home

By Kade Jurgensen

Christmas is over and Santa comes home from delivering presents. Santa is feeling good because he thinks delivering presents to the kids is fun. He likes to go all around the world at night. When Santa comes home he is tired. Last year, Mrs. Claus told Santa that the reindeer had gotten out. Santa had to get up and chase the reindeer. After chasing the reindeer Santa was so tired he went to bed until Christmas time again.

Christmas in Kindergarten

By Brianna Stines

Christmas is just about over but I wish it was still Christmas Eve. It's very fun. One year Santa and Mrs. Clause went back to Kindergarten to go back to school. They wanted to see what it was like to be a boy and girl in school again. When they went back to kindergarten they had to work on being good, reading, and Math. Now they have to start all over again. I think that will be funny." Said Santa.

One kindergartner went home and told his parents about Santa coming to school. "I got a lot of present6s dad from Santa." I need you dad," the boy said. "For what" asked the dad. "Just come here for a minute please" the boy said. "I'm coming ok" said the dad "Well hurry ok" "I will try but right now I am doing the laundry." Said the dad. When the dad came the boy showed his dad the picture of Santa in kindergarten. "I don't think I'll ever put your Santa shirt in the dryer again," said the dad. That year they both got lots of presents.

Santa's Vacation

By Collin Lundy

Santa just got home after delivering all those presents. He was very, very tired so he went to bed. He slept until the next morning. One year Santa wanted to take a vacation. He decided to go to Mexico City in Mexico. He went to a shop and got swimming clothes in Mexico. Then he went to the beach and got a suntan. Then he left and went to Hollywood and got some stuff at the shops there. After that he went back to the North Pole and got ready for next Christmas.

Santa's Vacation

By Addisyn Jensen

When Christmas was over last year Santa came home. He went inside his house and ate some soup. Then Santa went upstairs to pack for his vacation. Santa went to New York for his vacation this year. He went downstairs to tell Mrs. Clause he was done packing. Then Santa and Mrs. Clause got on a plane for New York. When they got to New York they went to see the Statue of Liberty. They thought that the Statute of Liberty was so pretty. Then Santa and Mrs. Clause went to their hotel. Santa and Mrs. Clause did a lot of fun things like playing games. Then they got on to another plane to go home because it was almost Christmas. When Santa and Mrs. Clause got home it was Christmas again. And that's what Santa did after Christmas.

Santa Comes Home

By Trent Benson

Santa is feeling very happy because the elves have made him food after he delivered all the presents. After he eats his cookies and drinks his pop he always takes a nap. He usually only sleeps for an hour. When he wakes up form his nap he has the elves start making toys for next year. Santa goes and helps the reindeer get ready for next year. Santa fixes his sled for next year. Then it start all over again. The end.

Santa's Bad Christmas

By Even Vawn

Santa was done with his job and he was in New York. Rudolph got him lost. Santa fell out of the sleigh and broke his leg. Then he stayed in New York until his leg was better. He got fatter and fatter because he kept eating a lot of cookies. Then he started to make the elves make a gym for him. Santa's let finally got better and he got skinnier because he used the gym every day. He finally found the way back to the North poll. He did Christmas every year without ever getting injured to this day.

The end

Tired Santa

By Katrina Carlson

Christmas is over and Santa came home and went to sleep for the rest of the winter. He said, "What a day!" The kids got all their presents they wanted for Christmas. One year before Sants was about to take a long winter nap Mrs. Clause said, "Santa, you need to go back to third grade. You don't know everything and need to review things. Santa packed his sleigh and decided to go back to third grade in Cherokee. While he was in third grade he reviewed multiplication facts, cursive, reading, math, and P.E. When he was done with third grade he went back to the North Pole.

He started to work on toys. He said, "I love this job." Mrs. Clause said, "I know you do." So he went to give more gifts and more gifts to all the kids he knew. One day he decided to quit his job because he was so tired. All of the kids were sad. He didn't want the kids to be sad so he went back to work. He checked his list to see if boys and girls were bad or good. The next day Santa was gone. Mrs. Clause thought he was lost. Mrs. Clause asked, "Where is Santa?" He need to come back. The kids miss him." Mrs. Clause found him was delivering presents to the kids. He came back with Mrs. Clause. Santa desited he wasn't so tired and he kept delivering presents until this day.

The Missing Santa

By Kylar Booher

One year after delivering presents on Christmas Eve Santa was on his way home when he met a space Alien. Santa was very surprised. The space Alien snatched Santa from his sleigh. The Alien took Santa in his UFO and then the Alien took all of Santa's presents. Then the Alien's took Santa to their planet. The planet was called Mars. The space Aliens wanted to give all the leftover presents to the other aliens on Mars. They wrapped Santa with a rope. Then the Alien's had a great party. Suddenly Santa got away and the Alien's didn't notice that Santa got away. Then Santa got in the UFO and left Mars. Santa flew to his home town Ohio. Santa designed a shield around his sleigh so the Aliens could never get him again

Santa Vacation

By Ben Nelson

When Santa isn't making toys or delivering presents he likes to watch NASCAR races on T.V. Mrs. Clause doesn't like to watch them so he watches them with elves. One year after the toys were delivered for the year Santa decided he wanted to go on a vacation. He decided he was going to go to the Indiana 500 to watch some races. He took his dog. He stayed for three races and then went back to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas.

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