Basic Biittner: "Job -less"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's a sure sign that economic times are tough - even Steve Jobs is, well, job-less. He's taken a medical leave of absence from his position as CEO of Apple, Inc. for as long as it takes to get a handle on his current medical problem, which he says is some kind of hormonal problem.

For those who may not know, Jobs is, you might say, the Godfather of the Technological Age. Back in the '70s, as a young man, he and fellow "geek" Steve Wozniak started Apple Computers, literally out of their family garages. When Jobs was dismissed from Apple in the 80s, the company suffered. When he returned, he helped develop and promote all the "i's" - the ipod, itunes, iphone, etc., and, lo and behold, Apple again became #1. His appearances at the annual Macworld conventions were always highly anticipated and entertaining, and often produced major announcements regarding new products. When he announced that he would not be making an appearance at the show this year because of health problems, it sent a wave of concern among his "disciples."

Jobs, who will turn 54 in February, overcame pancreatic cancer in 2004, and many people believe he will be able to overcome this latest set-back too. I hope so. Jobs is truly one of the most influential people of the last 30 years, and, with all the financial problems we have now, we probably need his genius more than ever.

One thing for sure, with the millions of dollars he has earned through the years, he certainly should be able to afford the absolute best medical care there is. Of course - life being what it is - if there's no cure for what ails Steve Jobs, if his "number's up," as they say, his wealth won't mean a thing. Here's hoping his medical problems are satisfactorily resolved as soon as possible and he is able to return to work at Apple, Inc., if that's what he chooses to do.