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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From the Midway: You can fool some of the people some of the time

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Last week marked an end of an "error." That error was President George Walker Bush.

I want to focus on a few items that I think represents how bad of a president he was.

First on my list is the response to Hurricane Katrina. Now before all you rightwing Bush lovers start reaching for your pens to write back to me, remember this. On the Saturday before the hurricane hit New Orleans, President Bush was on national television and telling people to get out of the city.

That is the only thing he did right.

From what I figure, if you knew the hurricane was coming, why did it take so long to get help for the god-forsaken people? It wasn't until four days later that he got up to speed on the situation. He recently claimed that helicopters were lifting people and rescuing them during this time.

The heroic men of the Coast Guard were the only ones who stepped up during that time period. Now, Bush tries to take credit for that. His handlers had to make a DVD of what was happening for the three days prior because apparently he wasn't up to speed on the situation. Where was the National Guard? Oh, that's right, they were over seas fighting a war.

Speaking of war, you owe it to the people to do everything in your power to prevent any war before you send America's children into harm's way.

Hey, I'm a real American. I like to see thing blown up just like the next guy but, come on. The way he got us into the Iraq war would make Niccolò Machiavelli blush with embarrassment. Using fear of weapons of mass destruction to get the approval of the American people and then oops, no weapons, and then pin the blame on faulty intelligence.

The troops went to war thinking their country needed them and many gave their all to protect you and me. It sickens me on how he treated our best and brightest. Treating the wounded in cockroach infested, mildewed hospital is just appalling.

Other beefs I have with our ex-president is spying on you and me or the so-called Patriot Act, trying to run around the justice system, and torture. The administration was great at putting a spin on any thing. My personal favorite was the Jack Bower ticking time bomb scenario.

That scenario is if you have a ticking bomb and have a person in custody, is it ok to do what ever you have to do to find out where the bomb is?

Torture is torture and not advance interrogation techniques. We're better than that! That is why we have the rule of law. If we don't live up to our own example we are no better than our enemies.

Have you ever noticed how the leaders of radicals never strap a bomb on to themselves and go running into the streets? They never get their hands dirty and I feel it was the same way with Bush.

Dose anyone else remember these words from President Bush regarding the Valerie Plains case? "Whoever is responsible, we will prosecute to the full extent of the law"

Plains, an undercover CIA agent, was ousted because her husband who was an ambassador did not agree with the administration polices. So to punish Mr. Plains, the Vice-President's Chief of Staff leaked her name to the press. After it was revealed that Scooter Libby was responsible, President Bush commuted his sentence.

The reason these types of acts strike me so wrong is the fact that their attitude was that of con men who were playing you and me as suckers.

History may remember Bush in a much more favorable light. I, though, will not, and he never fooled me once.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway