Supervisors tour pellet plant

Monday, February 9, 2009
Members of the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors got a close look recently at the pellet processing faciity at the Cherokee landfill. Photo by Mike Leckband

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors toured the new pellet processing facility at the Cherokee Land Fill on Jan. 27, after their regular meeting.

The Board got a first-hand look at how the facility will produce pellets that are made from separated waste and designed to be used as a combustible fuel source for many applications, including being used for fuel in area businesses around Cherokee County.

Don Pitts, Manager at the Cherokee Landfill, said that the facility will soon be up and running. Minor installation of chimneys on top of the building is the only major construction left to do and after the bugs are worked out they plan on having an open house for the public sometime in earlier spring.

Prior to their tour, the Board began the day with a safety meeting presented by Cherokee County Safety Director Mike Halder, along with many of the county department heads.

After the safety meeting, the regular Board meeting got under way. On the Board's agenda was the budget request by Patrick Schmitz of Plains Area Mental Health. Schmitz made a request of $104,649 for the 2009/2010-budget year.

County Engineer Dave Shanahan submitted a set of construction plans for the M25 mill and overlay project that the Board voted to approve. Shanahan then spoke to the Board about general business.

Julie Schulenberg and Rhonda Dean of Centers Against Abuse and Sexual Assault requested $6,000 from Cherokee County for their 2009/2010 fiscal year.

The Board met with Barb Smith and Jim Thompson from the Department of Human Services and reviewed their 2009/2010 budget which was estimated at $49.700 a $5,000 decrease from the previous year. Smith and Thompson requested additional monies to keep a part time employee on the payroll. That request would bring their budget up to $58,350 with the addition to the payroll. The Board took the request under advisement.

Jo Nafziger and Lorna Olson of the Senior Citizens Committee met with the Board on their invitation. The Board wanted to get to know the committee and gather information on the committee and the funding request of $ 2,775.

Currently, there are three area senior citizens groups that meet regularly and play cards and have coffee. The Committee is currently looking to help get another group to meet in Cherokee regularly. Originally the committee had eight such groups around the county but is currently down to three groups that meet in Quimby, Washta and Cleghorn.

Other business for the Board was a Roll Call vote for the third and final consideration of Ordinance #2009-1 regarding Secondary Roads right-of-way. The ordinance was passed unanimously.

The Board also approved resolution #2009-2, an amendment to the Electronic Transaction 28E agreement with ISA. The Board then approved an amendment of a $94 cut by the Iowa Department of Public Health from their substance abuse contract.

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