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Thursday, May 5, 2016

From the Midway:Life after Television

Monday, February 9, 2009

Recently I have been preparing myself for the end of television, as I know it. As many of you may know TV stations will stop broadcasting their analog signals starting on Feb. 17.

This means for many of us out there who do not have cable or satellite TV that we will not be receiving those talking pictures any more.

The government has provided us with the opportunity to get a coupon that would entitle us to get a converter box for half price for our soon to be defunked TV set. But that is still $40 bucks that I have to dish out for said converter box.

In my heart, I just can't fork over any cash on something I have been receiving all of my life for free. So I'll be part of that small majority that will just walk away.

There will be a lot of things that I will miss but with all the reality shows on the networks anymore I really won't be missing that much.

I'll miss PBS, local news, my favorite sit-coms, but most of all my Sunday morning talk shows. Well, I guess have no excuse for not going to church now.

I'm not looking at this situation grimly. I'm feeling a little excited, like the chains of freedom are close at hand. Soon I will be able to do things again, like going for an evening walk or fixing up my bicycle.

I'm really betting that I will be finding I'll be having a lot more time in my life.

Also, if I'm really lucky maybe this year will be the year I will finally paint the trim on my house.

I know that there might be a rainy day or two ahead and when those days come I can always read a book. It's been a while since I sat beneath my old oak tree and got lost into a great book, a little too long.

If I'm not in a mood for reading, I've always got plenty of movies at my house to watch. Who knows? In a few years I might find one of those converter boxes at a garage sale real cheap. Like all technology it will be outdated and discarded for the new and improved model.

I remember back in the early nineties when the Super Nintendo first came out with a price tag of $150, plus each game cost $50 or so. That was a little too pricey for me.

Fast forward 10 years. One day I was at a garage sale and got a Super Nintendo and five games for $15. And do you know what? The games were just as fun 10 years later than they were when they first came out.

Currently, our government is trying to push back the day when TV dies until June. It doesn't matter to me if that happens or not. On one hand I will be glad to keep watching my favorite shows until June, but on the other hand I be so glad when they stop all the commercials and public service announcements on how TV is going to change. It's been going on so long I'm looking forward for the TV thing to stop.

Yes Virginia, I will miss TV, but there are so many other things to do out in the world.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway