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Winding roads: Time for a change

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama says he won his office because folks agreed with his one main phrase, "Time for a change." He may very well be right.

Once again, too many Americans do not read, study and think about really is being said and just stay on on top of the surface of all issues. I for one became disenchanted with our former president but wow, what are we headed for now? The Democrats think they have an open checkbook.

I don't recall who said it first but I agree with them on the idea that you can't spend your way out of bankruptcy. Would politicians handle their own bank accounts the same way they are doing with the federal governments' accounts? This is truly getting scary as they double and triple their bets on spending money the U.S. government doesn't have.

I was all for improving our roads and infrastructures, including sewer and water pipes. Schools no. Let the states take care of them. Water parks and recreation items can wait until there is money sitting around needing to be spent. Thank God the millions that were earmarked for re-doing the national mall was stopped. Even these projects may not be the right thing to do as many keep saying the work projects after World War II didn't provide the boost to the economy as it was the spending on fighting the World War II. Well, if that's right, this country should be busting at the seams with money as we have been at war for close to eight years. Perhaps the difference is whether one is winning or losing.

Since the election has been over, the politicians are running wild again. They make idle threats and twist and turn the other party's word around so they can condemn them. Working together doesn't seem to be an option. I think in two to three years, someone needs to make formal plans to throw the bums out of office and negate party affiliations. Maybe then, some folks could come together with the best ideas.

Corruption is rampant. Yes the Illinois governor is out but he was only one. We have guys using their office to view porn--thank God for Senator Grassley. Too bad we can't clone 70 more of him (I'm hoping there are 30 more other decent senators in the chamber with Grassley). This is where government needs to head. Review offices and see if they are fulfilling their responsibilities. I have a strong suspicion we have many just exercising their gums and doing nothing. They just love to hear themselves talk. Government needs to be shrunk, not expanded.


Talk about something nuts. What about the dame who just gave birth to eight babies? Six are waiting for their mother to join them at home. No father as I understand it. No money. She hopes to raise $2 million to pay for rearing these children. Apparently she think she will be rolling over in money. Can you imagine the diapers it will take for just one week alone? The garbage will really pile up and the home will be a pig's stye. Those poor babies will no doubt have some health issues and I wonder if she will have the good sense to provide proper care. It would take two to three nannies to get the job done as the first six children are also quite young.

When the news first broke, NBC thought it was really something. In three hours, someone gain some sense and realized that no one should be giving birth to eight at a time as the mother's health and the babies are put at great risk. What clinic or doctor would have such poor judgment and how much did it cost to implant all of those eggs? After all, she already was the mother of six children.

There were 50 doctors and nurses in the delivery room. Can you begin to estimate the cost for having those babies? Then add on the cost of these babies' care in the nursery. Not only do diapers cost, what about

formula? How many cribs, high chairs, blankets and everything else will be needed? We do not need population growth.

The clinic should be shut down and whoever did the implanting should cough up some money to pay for the kids' care. This is reckless and I pity the conditions those children could possibly live in. In fact, the mother's mental health should be checked out. The grandma should have reported to the authorities the action of their daughter and a clinic with no standards. Otherwise, the taxpayers will be paying for the motherlode of this fiasco.

Only California could have this mess. It would just be super-duper that they can add to their debt. California welcomes illegals from the south of the border and now they have to pay the fiddler.