Correctionville Fishing Club hosts Awards Night

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Ace anglers - Several fishermen received awards in a number of categories at the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's annual fete. Among those bringing in the largest fish last season were Brandon Burkhart (Carp and Crappie,) Marla Kollbaum (Bluegill) and Robert Franker (Bass.) Photo by Ron Flewelling.

On February 15, the avid anglers of the Little Sioux Fishing Club converged on the Correctionville Community Center for their Annual Awards Night.

The evening was launched with a buffet prepared and served by Club Casmo Catering.

Sevening's smile - Kaitlyn Sevening had a lot to smile about. The young lady was one of an estimated 100 club members and guests on hand for the good food and fun found at the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's Annual Awards Night. Photo by Ron Flewelling.

The bill-of-fare for the evening boasted of roast beef, chicken, cheesy potatoes, salads and drinks.

At previous Awards Nights, the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's annual fete has included a lecture on fishing, the environment or some other related subject by an expert in the area.

This year, however, instead of a guest speaker, various club members shared the spotlight as they discussed their fishing secrets with the others on hand for the event.

Angling techniques and the pros and cons of different baits and fishing tackle, as well as tales of "the one that got away," were just a few of the subjects tackled during the open discussion.

(It should also be noted that no secret fishing holes were revealed during this portion of the evening.)

As in previous years, the awards for the top fish in several categories were presented to the club's hottest and luckiest anglers.

Throughout the season, when a club member thinks he has a contender for the biggest fish, he has it officially weighed in and registered in the club's record book.

Paddle power - A wide variety of fishing related gear and gizmos were given away at drawings during the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club's recent Awards Night. In this photo, John Book can be seen examining a collapsible paddle, just one of the many items given away during the event. Photo by Ron Flewelling.

This year, the awards went to Brandon Burkhart for his 8 pound, 14 ounce Carp.

Brandon also won top honors in the Crappie category with his catch that tipped the scales at 1 pound, five ounces.

Robert Franker reeled in the award for the heftiest Large Mouth Bass with a dandy that weighed 5 pounds, 12 ounces.

Marla Kollbaum took the top spot in the Bluegill category with her 1 pound, five ounce catch.

The award for top catfish catcher went to ace angler Myles McCrea for his 12 pound, 9 ounce whopper.

Club member Leroy Edwards scored high in both the Walleye and Northern categories with fish that came in at 2 pounds, 11 ounces and 6 pounds, 8 ounces respectively.

A number of drawings also took place throughout the evening.

A rod and reel donated by Jim Meire was the featured door prize.

Radical rod - A number of items were given away as door prizes during the Little Sioux Fishing Club's Annual Awards Night. Among the prizes was a youth rod and reel seen in this photo being examined by Woodbury County DNR officer and club member Bernie Ketelsen and young angler Noah Schumacher. Photo by Ron Flewelling.

A second rod and reel was also given away in a special drawing for the youth fishermen present.

In addition, a regular cornucopia of fishing gear, tackle and other angling equipment the likes of bait and tackle boxes, nets and clothing were given away during the event.

Many of these items were provided by Al's Bait Shop, Gary Bollmeyer and the Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club.

To cap off the evening, a blanket and a numbered outdoor print were auctioned off.

The blanket was donated to the event by Penny Yaremko and the print...Harvest Green painted by Tomas Miller, was provided by Craig Dean.

The Correctionville Little Sioux Fishing Club hosts several all-night catfish marathons throughout the summer.

The first of these fishing frenzies should take place in late May and will be announced.

A few new club events are also being debated, a Youth Fishing Tournament and an ice fishing contest next winter.

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