Music - The object of our affection

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For music lovers, the past few days in this well-kept secret of a dynamic cultural community have...well, literally blown us away.

We have been treated to a superb Pops Concert Monday night by the Cherokee Washington High School's Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Concert Choir; Sunday's fabulous Cherokee Symphony's Mid-Winter Concert, also featuring internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Jason Deroche of Chicago; Friday night's show at The Gathering Place featuring the Jacob Lee Band; Thursday night's appearance at The Copper Cup of Denver's best, the Larson Brothers (Seth and Josh) with Angie Stevens, in the midst of their Acoustic Tour of the Midwest; and the well-attended Thursday Night Jam at The Gathering Place in Downtown Cherokee hosted by local singer/guitarist nonpareil Mike Hoover of Marcus, also featuring an appearance by the Larsons and Stevens, and Galva native Jacob Lee (Kolvisto)!

From rock to pop to classical, Cherokee had it covered! And, for many of us fortunate enough to see it all, the past few days in Our Town have been... uh, music to our ears.

To begin with, the show that WHS band director Paul McEntaffer and vocal director Amy Sarchet put on Monday night was simply over-the-top superb from start to finish.

The night opened with the Concert Band offering incredible selections from West Side Story, and Video Games Live. Then came the Concert Choir serving up delicious slices of "Mamma Mia," the internationally acclaimed musical featuring the songs of the popular 1980s band, Abba, all punctuated with three toe-tapping, head-rocking selections by the WHS Jazz Band that left you clamoring for more.

With Maestro Lee Thorson at the controls, it is little wonder the incomparable Cherokee Symphony and DeRoche hit it out of the park and "touched them all" Sunday afternoon.

The Jacob Lee Band rocked the house Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd. Lee (Kolvisto) is a Buena Vista University freshman and he and some members of his band are students of Dr. David Klee, the skilled BVU music professor and noted Spice Rack flutist from Cherokee.

The Larsons, whose parents Steve and Vicki (Poulson) are Cherokee natives, have adopted Cherokee as their home away from home, and play here to adoring crowds every chance they get.

Readers, tune in and buy in to what this community has to offer music lovers on a regular basis, and to the extreme quality of the musicians, including the local "Daylight Again" Crosby/Stills/Nash Tribute Band, and the annual Cherokee Jazz & Blue Festival that have knocked us out in the past and will again.

Musicians, we stand in awe, we appreciate your God-given talents, and we thank you for the enhanced quality of life you bestow on us.