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From the Midway: So what if the economy is bad?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For months now the U.S economy (well heck the world economy) has been in a how do you say... freefall, tailspin, bottom caved in, or whatever you want to call it.

It really hasn't bothered me personally too much except for when gas prices were nearing the four-dollar mark. Sure there has been some of the little things that I've noticed and said "What the heck?"

For instance, I've been known to enjoy a King Size Snickers Bar from time to time. Ever since the King Size came out way back in the 1980's.

Now, I've notice that the old King Size is no more. It's been replaced by a two-piece candy bar that now calls it's self a King Size.

Now, who do they think that they're fooling? "Well, you're getting two candy bars now, isn't that a deal?" said the suit at the candy factory.

No I don't think it's a deal.

The net weight on the old King Size was 3.70 ounces and the new twin piece King Size is 3.29 ounces. But the price hasn't changed.

Now just hold on, my rant is leading somewhere.

Why don't they just come out and say, "Hey, we're having some tough times right now and we can't produce the product the way it has been. We either have to raise prices or scale back. Just wanted you all to know."

See? It just that easy. Why the deception, why the trickery?

The Snickers bar has not been the only casualty. Just look around the supermarket sometime and you'll see from chips to dairy products that have been cleverly re-designed to reduce the products but still charge the same price.

Besides getting nickeled and dimed everywhere I look, the current economic environment does not worry me too much. I was raised poor and have always been poor. So my outlook is that you don't miss the things that you never had.

Maybe there's a lesson in there some were. I've always believed that the more a person makes, the more we as a people spend. If I made $100,000 a year I know I'd spend $105,000.

So, I'm happy not making that much money. It would just be that much more that I would be worrying about.

I have no answer to the current economic problems. I don't have a degree in advanced accounting, but it seems even if I had it wouldn't matter.

It seems that everyone is baffled on what happened or what to do next. Maybe we should not have let some of these companies get as big as they got and maybe there should be more of local manufacturing of goods that are made here for the people here and not in China.

When are we going to realize that a company can be successful making just a few million dollars a year and provide good jobs for all the people instead of just a few people? The question that we have to ask is, how much money does a person really need?

Mike Leckband
From the Midway