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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What good news is there on the TV or in the papers?

I think our President needs some major help and primarily that should be dumping the House Minority leader "Nancy" where we could never hear of her again.

Did you notice? Well if you didn't, your mind must have been out to lunch. When Obama was telling the nation what he was going to do for us and Pelosi had this weird smile plastered on her face the whole time , by the time he was done, I thought I should have pasted paper across that part of the TV screen.

When I mentioned this to my daughter, she was quick to point out that's because Pelosi was thrilled that her ideas are being pushed through. She thinks she is the answer to right everything that is wrong in this country. She looked like she belonged where she would get some help. How could this woman get elected? And then, of course, I remembered. She is from California. Don't laugh. What will happen through her leadership is very scary.

I laughed heartily when a politician commented strongly the first thing Obama needs to do is to bury that woman. By going down her path, our country will go belly-up and the pain we all will feel will last for who knows how long. Obama is going back on his word.

We in Iowa know what pork fat is and Obama campaigned on the promise to eliminate it. With this last bill (it's hard to stay up with them) he claims it's last year's business and any fat in it is due to George Bush. But he is the president now. How stupid does he think we are? I get furious everytime I hear it. What changes he is bringing to D.C. isn't what we all hoped for.

Now we have to look forward to what will happen with health care. If you are tired of following the politics, well, you are going to wish you had stayed with the news to voice your opinion to our representatives. Nightmare city is ahead.

There are more poor in this country than middle class or wealthy and they are definitely looking for free hand-outs. Yes, within reason they need help, but my problem is how responsible are they going to be? If it's like buying homes way beyond their means, they will run up doctor fees and the lines will form. When I mentioned this to someone close to me, the response was, "don't they deserve help?" Yes, they do, within reason. The middle class is going to be strung out trying to make ends meet. The other thing is that I want to select my own doctor and hospital. Not an HMO.

Now, I can't stop before I crucify the head U.S. Post Office leaders in D.C. They bought million dollar homes from the post office budget. They mentioned one bought at $3.2 million which included an inside pool. They had it re-assessed at $2.9 million and are trying to sell it now for under that. Did you wonder why postage keeps going up?

Why would the budget of the the U.S. postal system buy any homes? They have their salary to get housing with like everyone else.

Washington is so crooked, it is getting harder and harder to have any respect for any politicians. Now, they are saying mainline religions are dropping in numbers as folks just aren't satisfied with what they getting from them. Is there anyone out there left that is committed to doing the right thing?