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Winding Roads: Spring has sprung

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everyone has been waiting for the warmer temps as our winter got back to the days when we had a lot of snow days and cold.

But it never did pile up like it did in the late sixties or early seventies. I can remember riding a snowmobile on Highway 3 from Marcus to Remsen. What fun that was! I couldn't hack that anymore but it makes great memories. The only regret I have is that I never experienced snow skiing. If I could be young all over, I'd do that.

The great thing about Iowa weather is that we can't get bored with it as our weather is always changing. I started this week with washing one set of curtains and putting out Easter items and spring flowers in the house. It just makes me feel better with changes. Clarence has cleaned the leaves off the rose bushes. You should see the sprouts of the tulip plants. They were growing underneath all those leaves. Last year we left the leaves on way too long. Even though it's better this year, the sun needs to green them up. I'm beginning to think perhaps tulips would be better off not covered.

I would imagine many of you have seen many robins by this time. I wonder if they are busy building their nests?

What I truly enjoy is the number of folks getting out and taking walks. Not many joggers but walkers of all ages are constant in Marcus. I think it's nice to see young mothers pulling their young ones in a wagon or pushing a stroller. Some have kids trailing along on a bike or a skate board. Everyone wants to start limbering up and shedding a few pounds of fat.

I have walked a couple of times and I'm telling you, it is a struggle. I must stay with it but my pace is very, very slow. I couldn't begin to keep up with those young chicks. But I figure that's o.k. as it gets my heart pumping.

I've been listening to an ad espousing a product that one can swallow and it will eat away your midriff fat. You know, it's the most dangerous fat we can have as it can crowd the heart. Why haven't I purchased some? Did you hear about the piece of advice that if anything sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't what it's cracked up to b?. Otherwise, this product would be on the lips of all folks.

Now this weather gets me to digging out spring and summer clothes and wondering what I'm going to be able to wear. This is getting to be a real drag. I had to chuckle when my better half dropped down two pant sizes only to go back up one this winter. He couldn't believe how quickly it all happened. At least now he has a better understanding why I have clothes from 2-3 sizes.

All you folks who are into fashions, probably know by now that the brighter the color the more in style you will be. I don't plan on being too much in fashion this year as much of this is downright gaudy. The idea is to always have something different so you will feel the need to purchase new clothes, shoes and jewelry. Change is a selling tool whether it's clothes or items for the house.

Now it is really getting to be the time to start planning a garden. I think I'm going to relax and go for a small garden in back. I'm starting to run out of food I previously canned on the farm. I'm thinking gardening has a side benefit such as giving us some exercise and saving on the grocery bill while having some good tasting food. Parents with young children really need to get with this idea. They can learn by doing rather than run the streets. If you know nothing about gardening, ask older folks and they'd probably be tickled to assist you----especially if you'd share a little of your bounty.

I'm already looking forward to a home-grown tomatoes (3-4 months to wait for it), cukes for making some pickles, fresh green onions, green beans and some squash. Think of them as a "victory" garden in more ways than one. Start buying your seed now so you don't notice the cost of putting a garden in. It still is the inexpensive way to go to help your budget. I envy those great looking gardens---more power to them.