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Strody Flint soars as Roosevelt's Reader

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strody Flint
We are rapidly using up another month and are now well into the new year.

Although winter continues to hang in there, one can now start to see a little light down at the end of that long, cold tunnel.

You know what I mean...

You can run those short errands without the worry of terminal frostbite, your car now starts at least four mornings out of six without a visit from the AAA man and the first robins of spring have shivered onto the scene.

Before you know it, it will be time for those showers and flowers that mark a brand new season.

Before winter whistles away, however, there's time to join the radical readers and literature loving book huggers in and around Cherokee in a bit of seasonal celebration as they give three cheers and a Daylight Savings Time salvo for Strody Flint, the recipient of the honors as the Roosevelt Reader of the Month.

When the bell rings tolling the onset of another day of brain drain at Roosevelt Elementary, Strody can be found front and center as a member in good standing in his first grade classroom.

Reading and Math, Strody notes, are both his top subjects this school term.

He also adds that he thinks all of his teachers are great and would be hard put to come up with any particular favorite instructor.

Although he's just getting his good old school days off to a start, this March reader is well aware that good reading habits are necessary if a student wants to get a good education.

"Reading is important because it makes me learn!" he says.

Strody can be found wandering into his school's library on pretty much of a daily basis.

Whenever he does make one of those visits, the librarians all know that he will be heading over to the shelves holding the Christmas books and I Spy series of tales, his idea of some pretty fine reading.

In addition, he really enjoys participating in the After School Bunch at the library.

When his academic day comes to an end, Strody wastes little time in firing out the door and heading on out for some high octane freetime.

A true sportsfan, Strody's favorite extracurricular activities center around the fields of contention.

He enjoys playing soccer, pegging the baseball around, playing football, wrestling and risking life and limb snow boarding.

He's also very active in his church's Good News Club.

As far as his future plans are concerned, Strody is only looking as far ahead as high school when he hopes to win a spot on the Cherokee Braves football team.

Until the time comes for him to make that first touchdown, however, Strody Flint can be found over on Park Avenue where he shares the home field advantage with his mom Patty and his siblings..Cody, Haylee, Randi and Bobbi and two dogs...Isabella and Zoe.

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