'Tis the Easter season

Monday, March 30, 2009

With soon-to-be succulent Easter meals in front of us, sufficient planning and a well-balanced menu makes it possible for us to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without gaining too much weight and making the much-anticipated joyous times stressful and worrisome.

In fact, here are some timely tips for proper management of our Easter holiday dining, as we tend to splurge at the dinner table following the Lenten season when many of us give up some of our favorite goodies:

*Be realistic. By making small changes in your diet during the holidays you will be able to make sensible choices. As an example, have a light snack an hour before an event. You'll go feeling less hungry, resisting the urge to over-eat.

*Be adventurous. Expand your tastes by trying new and exciting foods. Incorporate more, new or different fruits and vegetables into your meals. Try a new main dish at a family meal.

*Be flexible. Don't worry about splurging from time to time on your beloved holiday foods. Make sure to balance what you eat and your physical activity over several days. Eat a lighter lunch or fit in an extra walk after dinner.

*Be active. Remember to fit fitness in. The key is to keep your body moving. Walk around the block at lunchtime, or try a fun springtime activity - like a walk or jog in the park, a fun lawn game involving the entire family and guests, a Wiffle Ball game in the back yard, or even a quick game of tennis, or a round of golf.

Most of all, enjoy the holiday with your loved ones and your favorite foods!