Vivian Swegan is RV's April Reader

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Vivian Swegan

Winter is fading away fast and a new season is now gearing up.

Although it's a relief to be past all that snow, ice, more ice and frigid temps, springtime also heralds the onset of a new set of seasonal chores.

Before you start tuning up that Briggs and Stratton for another marathon season of lawn mowing or wear yourself to a frazzle scratching in the dirt as you plant those new potatoes, take a pause for the cause and join the tome toters and other bookies down Washta way as they further celebrate spring with the announcement that Vivian Swegan has been named as the recipient of the honors as the River Valley April Reader of the Month.

Between those inevitable bouts of spring fever, this young scholar can be found generally paying close attention to her studies at her desk in the first grade classroom at RV Elementary.

Being a person who enjoys nothing better than doing things by the numbers, especially if it happens to entail adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, it will come as no surprise to learn that Math is Vivian's top subject this year.

She also enthusiastically awards Mr. Jenness the number one spot on her list of preferred teachers.

Vivian is one of those young scholars who is well aware that good reading habits are necessary for her education.

"When you read, you learn a lot," she says.

Seldom a school day passes by without this April reader making a visit or two to her school's library.

She is particularly attracted by the fairy tales and the popular Arthur series of books, her idea of some fine reading entertainment.

Librarian Polly's story hour is also a favorite slot in Vivian's academic day.

When it comes time to put her homework aside and head on out for some quality freetime, Vivian can usually be found playing with her friends, her extracurricular activity of choice.

She is also a subscriber to green thumb fever and can often be found working in the garden.

As far as any future careers are concerned, Vivian says that she is going to wait a year or two before making any important decisions.

Until then, she will be happy moving dirt around as she tends to her garden.

Vivian Swegan hails from over on Sixth Street in Washta, a location she shares with her folks...Brandon and Amanda, her siblings...Alexander, Isaac, Paige, Cory and Ian and five box turtles.

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