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Galva-Holstein company is a leader in Renewable Energy

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gary Brosamle
GALVA/HOLSTEIN - The use of renewable energy, in the form of E85, the 85% ethanol-based fuel, has been one of the prime interests of Galva-Holstein Ag, LLC, for several years.

The company, which has offices in both Galva and Holstein, opened a service station that provided E85 as one of the fuel choices in May of 2005. At that time, says Gary Brosamle, the Energy Department Manager at Galva Holstein Ag LLC, he believes there were fewer than 20 E85 stations in Iowa. At last count, there are now 116, and GH Ag owns three of them - the original station in Galva, another in Ida Grove, and a new station in Holstein, which just opened in February of this year. These three stations are currently the only E85 stations in Northwest Iowa.

GH Ag is a firm believer in renewable fuel, as is Cenex, which is the brand name of fuel at the three stations owned by GH Ag. Brosamle, who has been the Energy Department Manager since 2005, says that ethanol produces positive energy, unlike gasoline, which produces negative energy. Among its other benefits, E85 reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions, ozone-forming pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and evaporative emissions to the atmosphere.

This Encore 500S Multi-hose+1 blender pump pump offers four different fuel choices , with each product having its own hose, so a consumer does not have to worry about getting something other than what he is selecting. The pumps at the Galva and Holstein Cenex stations offer E-85, E-30, E-10, and straight no lead . There are two such pumps in Holstein and one in Galva. Photo submitted
Gasoline contains toxic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, and E85 use reduces the amount of these chemicals that are released into the environment.

A vehicle using regular unleaded gas gets about 20 miles per gallon of gas; extending the same amount of gas by blending it with E85, a flexible fuel vehicle can travel an additional 100 miles.

IndyCar drivers, who drive at speeds up to 220 miles per hour, burn 100% ethanol in their engines, and can't say enough good about ethanol as a performance fuel.

And if the above facts aren't enough to cause you to consider using E85 in your vehicle, consider this: 60 cents of every dollar spent on E85 remains in Iowa.

Putting their "money where their mouth is," GH Ag now owns three flex fuel pickups, and the company is also a stockholder in the Quad County Ethanol Plant, located near Galva. Delayne Johnson, General Manager of GH Ag, Inc., also serves on the Quad County Board of Directors.

The Cenex stations owned by GH Ag in Galva, Ida Grove and Holstein offer consumers a choice of fuel, including unleaded gasoline and E10 and E30, in addition to E85.

Not every vehicle can use E85, but, if you're not sure about your vehicle, one way of finding out is to go to the Galva Holstein Ag website, www.galvaholsteinag.com and click on the E85 link. If you have any other questions about renewable energy, E85 or flex fuels, they can be answered on the site as well.

Brosamle says that one of the early selling points for ethanol versus gasoline was its considerably lower cost. While the lowering of gasoline prices in recent months has slowed down the ethanol business, Galva Holstein Ag LLC is still firmly convinced that this is the way to go for the future. Brosamle said that U.S. car manufacturers have a goal of having at least 50% of their new vehicles be flex-fuel vehicles by the year 2012.

By the way, Galva Holstein Ag's Holstein Cenex fueling station will be having their Grand opening on May 5, 2009 - exactly four years from the date on which the Galva station opened.

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