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BARC Puppy Carnival 09

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Northwest Iowa dog lovers are invited to participate in Buena Vista University's Annual Puppy Carnival on Saturday, April 25, on the Science Center lawn on Grand Avenue, on the BVU campus.

Many fun activities are planned, including face painting and various games for the children. Darlene's Mobile Grooming Van will be available for inspection, and Darlene will be demonstrating various grooming tips. Anyone who is unfamiliar with this fantastic grooming vehicle will have an opportunity to check it out.

The educational focus of the day will be to raise awareness of puppy mills, nasty places that seek to maximize profits by reducing costs. Over half a million puppies are born in puppy mills every single year, and the majority of these mills are located in seven states. Iowa is one of those states. Female dogs are bred and bred and bred until their bodies wear out, and the puppies born in mills often have diseases, genetic defects, and emotional problems.

The physical facilities are horrible, with dogs freezing in the winter and dying from heat in the summer. Puppies are known to have "cooked on the wires." A combination of poor food, poor conditions, and little or no vet care causes their teeth to rot at early ages. Dogs often get their feet and legs caught in the wires of the cages, and in the struggle to free themselves, their feet or legs are actually ripped off.

Medical conditions like hernias and infections are ignored. The conditions in the mills are unrelentingly brutal and terrifying for the dogs. They never get out of the wire kennels. They never touch ground. They are often trapped in cages with aggressive dogs, and with no way to escape, their bodies are often mutilated. These dogs have committed no crime.

They deserve to be loved rather than left in miserable prisons suffering horrors, inflected by man, ALL FOR GREED. Documentation shows that almost ALL dogs sold in pet shops are from puppy mills, regardless of what the buyer is told. BARC will have information concerning why no one should ever buy a dog from a pet store, so we urge you to attend this Puppy Carnival.

Actual puppy mill survivors who are being rehabilitated at the TLC Canine Center in Newell will be the honored guests, so you will have a chance to meet some of these dogs, including Takara, a six-year old dog who had been bred eight times. Her body is a wreck, and as she looks at you with her big sad eyes, you cannot help but wonder how humans could be so cruel and inhumane. Please come meet these dogs!

We also hope that you will contact your state legislators concerning a puppy mill bill that is being considered by the Iowa legislature. It is in serious trouble, so it is important for you to contact legislators NOW about HF486/SF265. Tell them to PLEASE stop stalling and pass the puppy mill bill. Many of you read John Carlson's piece in last Sunday's Des Moines Register, and as Carlson said, "It hasn't been a very impressive few months at the Iowa Capitol.

It would be nice if they took a half hour of their valuable time to do the right thing before they adjourn." Be sure YOU do the right thing and contact your legislators NOW. And join us at the Puppy Carnival on April 25, from 11:00 'til 2:00. A very special presentation will be given at 12:00. Lindsey Peterson, an Alta High School Student has been actively involved with the TLC Canine Center since she was in grade school, and this year, she wrote an original piece on the horrors of puppy mills. Her speech, "That Doggie in the Window", was selected for State competition, and then for All-State Competition where it moved the judges to tears.

Even though the Puppy Carnival is scheduled for the same day as her Prom, Lindsey is so committed to the cause that she has agreed to present her speech. You won't want to miss this! The carnival will end with the annual STRUT YOUR MUTT walk at 1:30, so bring your favorite pooch and join us for a fun and informative day.

Pauline at the TLC Canine Center

Larsen may be contacted at Paw Prints, Box 373,

Newell, Iowa 50568 or email at plarsen@rconnect.com

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