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Breanna Konz hailed as MMC's April Reader

Friday, April 24, 2009

Breanna Konz
The winter of 2008-09 is now only a notation in the book on the history of Iowa climatic inclinations.

All the familiar tools of the frigid season...the snow scoops, ice scrapers, space heaters and other foul weather not fun-type paraphernalia, have been stowed away in closets, garages and other cubbyholes and will hopefully be kept busy for the next several months collecting flakes of rust.

It is now time to start taking on all those springtime chores...You know, like fueling up your lawnmower, starting that garden and stocking up on insect repellent.

Before you dive into those seasonal duties, however, there's time to join the folks over yonder at the northwestern end of the county in a bit of celebration as they proudly announce that Breanna Konz is the recipient of the honors as the MMC April Reader of the Month.

When the buzzer sounds marking another day of academic mania in the public school system, this April reader can be found weathering the three "R's" at her desk in the second grade classroom at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Elementary.

Since Breanna is that sort of scholar whose head is filled with hues, tints and other sundry color schemes and themes, it will come as no surprise to discover that Art is her top subject this year.

She also avers that she has no trouble awarding Mrs. Irwin the top slot on her list of favorite teachers.

Breanna is an astute student who is well aware of the importance that the written word has on a young person's life.

"Reading is important because it's spectacular and fun!" she enthuses.

Whenever she makes one of her frequent trips to her school's library, all the resident MMC book wranglers know that she will be heading on over to the shelves where the Hedgehog series of tales are found, her idea of some fine entertainment.

She is also known as an astute reader who enjoys perusing any book about cats.

When a spare hour rolls around during her busy day, this young MMC Eaglet wastes little time in flying out the door for some quality freetime.

Among her extracurricular activities of choice are swimming, drawing and displaying some frigid expertise on her ice skates.

She is also a member of her school's recess Kitty Kat Club.

As far as her future plans are concerned, Breanna would like to be a professional ice skater some day.

Until it's time for her to join the IceCapades, however, Breanna Konz will be spending a lot of time over on North Beech Street, a location where she shares the home rink with her parents..Raymond and Tonia, her big sister...13-year-old Brittney and two cats named Purdurr and Cupcake.

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