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Geocachers Visit Cherokee

Monday, April 27, 2009

(Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce Tourism Grant)

On Saturday May 16th, there will be 150 to 200 Geocachers visiting the City of Cherokee's local businesses, parks, cultural and historic spots. Their intent is to see what Cherokee has to offer and to visit as many businesses as possible.

Who are Geocachers or What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS unit can then try to locate the geocache.


Geocaching -Using a GPS unit and the internet to find a "Geocache or Cache", for the basic purpose of signing a log book and reporting their experience, of their finding online www.geocaching.com.

Geocacher -Family oriented people from all walks of life, interested in getting out into the country side, parks, cities, places of interest. It is as much fun to get out of the house and enjoy the day, as it is to find a Cache.

Geocache/Cache -- Containers of various sizes, all Caches contain at least a log book.

Caches are placed in public areas with coordinates of the Cache recorded online. The traditional Cache is usually the size of a metal lunch box. In the traditional caches, trade items, along with the log book are inside. Geocachers are invited to take one of the trade items ONLY if they replace it with a new item. Promoting to kids and adults alike, that, "If you take, you must give back". (Currently there are 3 Geocaches on the North Pole and 1 on the Space Station).

Purpose of the Tourism Grant.

Tony Morris and Bill Larson, (receivers of the grant), have placed over 200 plus caches in the City of Cherokee and Cherokee County, (see www.geocaching.com enter our zip code 51012, and you will see a list of all Caches available in the area.) They have set up a website promoting and inviting Geocachers to come to Cherokee and enjoy our city. It is expected that nearly 150 to 200 people will arrive Saturday May 16th . 85% of these people will be from out-of-county and many from out-of-state. The purpose of the grant is to get these people into Cherokee businesses, parks, cultural areas and historic sites.

How are you going to get them into my business?

Tony and Bill will be going around to Chamber Member Businesses (near the middle of April) for the purpose of getting permission from you to place a very small cache (about the size of your pinky finger nail), outside of your business. Inside this cache will be a Keyword and instructions of who to see or where to go within your business. As these people approach folks within your business, they will reveal the Keyword and request you/employee, to stamp their log sheet, (stamp provided to you), proving they were in your place of business.

So why would they do that?

Tony and Bill over the year have been gathering prizes to be given away, the evening of Saturday May 16th at Silver Sioux Park, in the barn. Prizes will be two walnut bookcases, a hall tree, plant stand, wooden rocking horse and two hand-carved walnut walking sticks. In order to be eligible to win these prizes, each registered Geocacher must at least have one stamp from a Cherokee business. The Geocachers will receive a chance at winning for every stamp they receive, i.e. 10 stamps from 10 businesses; they receive 10 chances of winning, (If you would like to donate a door prize that would be appreciated, but not necessary.)

Now it is up to You.

For those businesses that choose to participate, Tony and Bill will get folks to your business. Now it is up to you, to make a sale or at least make these folks walk away feeling good about Cherokee. Regarding the sales, Tony and Bill will be giving away 76 Geocache traditional containers to the first 76 Geocachers registering in the event. These containers will be empty, so many of these people visiting your business will be looking for trade items to place within the Cache. Cherokee Bucks, discounts or even old inventory items could be given as a welcome to Cherokee by your business, as well as, encourage our visitors to make a purchase. Regardless, they will be in our stores purchasing supplies for camping, gas for vehicles, eating in our food establishments, staying at our motels, camping in our park and mostly just enjoying our town.

How do I make sure my Business is included?

Tony and Bill will mainly be targeting retail businesses, cultural sites, parks and historic sites. They have a list of all Chamber members and plan to show up at these businesses and ask if you would like to participate. Your business can be included, whether retail or not, (remember you may have as many as 100 to 150 people coming through your establishment) by contacting Tony Morris during the day at (712) 225-6922 leave a name and business on the answering machine.

I have Questions.....

-Call Tony (712) 225-5461.

-Visit the Website and learn more about it www.geocaching.com

-A letter, with self addressed return envelop, from the organizers, asking if you are

interested. If so, a meeting can be arranged to answer any questions.

-Come join us, registration Saturday May 16th between 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, at the Barn in Silver Sioux Park.

-Attend our Geocaching 101 class and enjoy the fun, 10:00 AM at the Barn, in Silver Sioux Park, Saturday May 16th.

-Look for a newspaper article in the Chronicle-Times regarding the event and inviting the community to join in.

-Be listening for details on KCHE Radio sometime nearer the event date.

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