Go granny, go granny, go granny, go

Monday, April 27, 2009

We were shocked the other day while turning a corner from west to south in our vehicle in downtown Cherokee to nearly be broadsided by an elderly, gray-haired woman who had cut the corner too sharp as she was turning the same corner from south to west.

We watched in almost total disbelief as the petite woman, a bottle of water in her left hand and a cell phone up to her ear in the right hand, attempted to make the turn with a combination of gnarly gymnastic motions obviously involving her occupied left hand, knees, stomach, and chest.

We missed colliding by just inches.

Now, we rail on our kids for chatting and texting on their cell phones while driving, and we've all seen countless teens and young adults drive with one hand while chugging on a bottle of water, soda pop, sports drink, or super-sized fountain drink, or chomping on a burger or slice of pizza.

Folks of all ages, when you do something like this, you greatly increase the risk of causing a traffic accident that could result in costly property damage, a traffic citation, traumatic injury, or even death.

Basically, what that elderly woman proved, was that none of us are above the tendency to sometimes be really stupid.

As we cussed that dear old lady after the near-miss, we could not deny feeling sorry for her and admire her ill-perceived talents that she still had what it takes to multi-task while driving a car.

But she was wrong as wrong can be to jeopardize other motorists and pedestrians.

Maam, in the future, put the water bottle and the cell phone down when you're driving your vehicle. If you thirst or need to talk on the phone to someone, park the car and have at it.

We all want to live long enough to have gray hair.