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Parade of People

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo's by Mike Leckband
On April 23, student from Roosevelt Elementary School took part in Parade of People program. The students from Meribeth Adams Fourth grade class recently read biographies of famous people and gave a short performance on what they learned about that person that they selected. The student not only dressed as their subjects they gave their performances as if they were that famous person.

1. Jack Beck gave a presentation as Walt Disney. He talked about his early life and why he is still famous today.

2. Mitchell Brunsting as Dan Morgan told how he liked to hunt and all the adventures he had as a youth.

3.Caleb Claycamp presented how Martin Luther King Jr. shaped history through all of his trials and tribulations.

4. Braydon Clyde described his early life as Daniel Boone. He also talked about his war experience and how he died at the Alamo.

5. Clare Conley described how Babe Didrikson her life as being one of the best athletes of all time.

6. Max DeVos portrayed Thomas Edison and talked about his troubles while inventing.

7. James Downey as Douglas MacArthur talked about his early years as a solider.

8. Samantha Eberly as Mary Todd Lincoln described her life as a First Lady.

9. Allisha Fiedler told people about her life as Abigail Adams who was a wife and mother of two presidents.

10. Bennett Goettsch as Babe Ruth talked about his life in Baltimore and what lead him to be one of the best baseball players of all time.

11. Kyle Johnson as Jackie Robinson told the fact that he became an athlete because of his older brother Matt Robinson

12. Isaac Lafleur as Davy Crockett told people about his life as one of the best hunters that America has ever seen.

13. Garret Mallory as Vincent Lombardi talked about how he got involved in being a football coach.

14. Kelsay Parrott as Clara Barton described how she helped the wounded in the Civil War and how she started the Red Cross.

15. Kayla Riedemann as Virginia Dare talked about her short life and being the first white child born in America.

16. Kendra Thelen as Betsy Ross described what lead her to become a seamstress.

17. Mason Timmerman as John Deere talked about his early years as a Blacksmith and how he always enjoyed helping other people out when he could.

18. Amanda VanRoekel talked about her life and history of John F. Kennedy.

19. Dusty Jo Wright as Lou Gehrig told the people in attendance about how he discovered his love of baseball.

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