Sharing R.J. Thomas success story

Thursday, April 30, 2009

All things considered, few businesses can compare to the outstanding success story that is R.J. Thomas Manufacturing Company of Cherokee.

We join in saluting the 50th Anniversary of the long-time Cherokee business, with its humble beginnings and remarkable, continuous growth fueled by market and technological adaptations bordering on genius.

From the unparalleled vision, skills, and work ethic of founder R.J. Thomas and wife Doris, and their four children - daughters Cheryl and Linda, and sons Craig and Steve - the R.J. Thomas name today stands tallest around the globe for its high-quality products and a company-wide family values system that has forever driven and enhanced this unique business.

R.J. Thomas Manufacuring Company today is nationally and internationally renowned for its Pilot Rock brand park, streetscape, and campsite products.

From its small, first building south of Cherokee on U.S. Highway 59 in 1959, to today's facility at the same location that has been expanded and enlarged nine times since 1980, R.J. Thomas grows and grows. And additional expansions are planned for 2009 and 2010!

Along with this, the company continues to make a commitment to take full advantage of technological advances to automate the welding, production, and painting operations wherever possible. Continual upgrades target the physical plant, equipment, and all applicable software, as always, keeping the business on the cutting edge of its own enterprise.

Most vital to this community beyond the 60-some employes now involved with R.J. Thomas, are the countless, meaningful, often sizable contributions both monetarily and physically to causes large and small throughout the Cherokee area.

Most assuredly, the R.J. Thomas family walks the walk.

And, we could go on and on.

As it is, R.J. Thomas Manufacturing Company of Cherokee, for the past 50 years, has pulled itself up by its boot straps to today reign as an incomparable standard bearer on how to begin, grow, and sustain a viable business, while doing all the right things.

Congratulations, R.J. Thomas Manufacturing Company. This community is much better off because you're here!