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June is National Dairy Month

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June is the month set aside to celebrate one of our most trusted sources of nutrition. We also take time to celebrate the farmers, in this day of technological advancements, there are fewer farms and farmers. It's important during National Dairy Month to remember, by buying dairy, you are supporting the farmers who are across every state, and together produce more than 170 billion pounds of milk annually.

National Dairy Month was created in 1939 to encourage the consumption of milk in the spring, when mild weather and lush green pastures help cow's produce more milk. In winter time the cows diet of hay causes them to produce less milk, in the late summer, they also produce less milk, because they don't like the heat . Because of the high quality feed produced year round for feeding the cows, the seasonal milk increases and decreases are less pronounced.

Milk is a highly perishable product and must be cooled immediately after production. Cows are producing milk year round, even on weekends and holidays. Our nations dairy farms are constantly at work, producing the milk that will end up in our refrigerators, and in the products we cant live without.

Studies show that 75% of Americans are not getting the calcium they need to be healthy and help them lead disease free lives. The recommended intake is 3-4 servings daily. With elderly people and women 18-25 needing 4 servings per day. Getting the recommended intake of dairy every day can help protect you from disease like, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity and colon cancer. 1200 mg of calcium found in 4 servings of dairy products can increase you health and help you look and feel better.

The National Dairy Council wants you to know that a lactose intolerance does not mean a milk allergy and does not usually requires a restricted diet. Studies show that for people who have an intolerance to lactose, can eat up to 1 cup of dairy products with out negative affects. Studies have shown that small amounts of dairy increased over time, can actually help decrease the ill affects of the lactose intolerance.

This month pick up some extra cheeses, fresh milk, and and dairy products. Support the great dairy farmers of our country. Not only will you be helping the dairy farms, but you will be supporting your own health.

Dairy Facts from the Iowa State Dairy Association

Among the 50 states, Iowa ranks 13th in total pounds of milk produced; 12th in milk cow numbers; 12th in production per cow; 9th in fluid milk bottling; 8th in total dairy products processed; 7th in number of dairy herds; 7th in cheese production; 6th in cottage cheese production; 6th in production of American cheese; and 4th in ice cream production.

Iowa's Dairy Industry by the numbers: 4.3 BILLION pounds of milk produced in 2008* ; 147 million pounds of cheese produced in 2007*; 216,000 milk cows in production in 2008*; 19,995 average pounds of milk produced per cow in 2008*;

1,910 dairy cow farms in 2008 **; 208 dairy goat farms in 2008**; 26,000+ jobs provided by the dairy industry, including jobs on dairy farms, by dairy processors, and other services which benefit and aid the dairy industry; over $1.5 billion contributed annually to the economy from the dairy industry; Des Moines is the #1 large city per capita in the consumption of milk (University of Illinois Extension, 2005)



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