How about it, kids?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey, kids! We have a great idea for you to show that your heart's in the right place, you are the recipient of some good parenting, you take pride in your community and environment, you have a thirst to acquire knowledge in many areas, you are a team player, you are interested in putting a little pizzazz in your resume, and you are always interested in doing a little community service to show your skills and please your fellow man.

You interested?

Well, step right up and volunteer to help Our Town keep up on the maintenance of those beautiful, decorative Downtown nodes that help beautify this scenic Little Sioux River Valley jewel.

Currently, some devoted City employees, businesses, and volunteer members of the Association for the Beautification of Cherokee (ABC) are doing the job and are doing great!

But there's no reason that you youngsters and your friends can't sometimes answer the call and organize among yourselves to pitch in and help out when some light duty calls.

Remember the terrible floods in the past when dozens of you great kids worked your tails off filling and hoisting sandbags? You were great! But don't let it stop there.

We know for a fact that many college scholarship applications fly to the top of the pile if they contain any semblance of valuable community service you performed as you passed through your school years. Check it out with your parents or school counselors if you don't believe us.

You rally for fun times to paint the store windows for Homecoming, and you do wonderful things on Eco Day, and many of you will carry the torch in future years as the "Greening" of the Earth movement continues to pick up momentum.

But right now, we could use a few good souls to adopt a node or two for the rest of the season and show your community spirit. There's a Page 1 photo in it for you and, heck, we'll even buy the refreshments every time you do the task!

Some kill-joys have even suggested the City pave over the colorful floral nodes to avoid the hassle of maintaining them.

But they're the frosting on the cake for our beautiful Downtown renovation and with the trees a shining centerpiece for our designated, historic, Downtown Cultural and Entertainment District.

How about it, kids? Get together, contact City Hall, and show us your stuff.