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Winding Roads: It's the little things that count

Friday, July 10, 2009

It is amazing how the things we never think about from day to day can end up being the most important elements in our lives. When things are going well we focus on the what many think is the larger things in life. For the young it means acquiring things such as toys, games, going to exciting places and having a good time.

Young adults focus on status symbols such as new cars, boats, recreation vehicles, furniture and other accessories to make our homes an attractive place to live. We must also acquire a big screen TV as many think of it as a necessity. Much of this is accumulated by too many through credit cards and time payments.

I'm not saying that I haven't had those thoughts. Men and women have different ideas of what is necessary. I always went for things to improve the home while my husband thought it should be spent outside acquiring equipment to make money. I'd like to have $5 for every time we had those discussions. He usually won.

I think back to getting a gift and being thrilled. Usually, the thrill lasts a minimum amount of time. Now gifts have taken a lower place in the list of important things. It has taken many years to truly realize that gifts one can touch or hold isn't where it's at. They are momentary pleasures that quickly drift away. Sure, the best gifts are the ones you never expect regardless of monetary value.

I guess it's hard for most of us to finally let a basic truth become a reality. There's an old tune whose words include, "the best things in life are free." Well, you know they really are.

Take time spent with family and friends. It really is priceless and especially so when loved ones are no longer on this earth to spend more time with or they are physically and mentally unable to participate in an activity. Your memories can take you back to a very precious times. But when so many of us were told to build memories for the future, we probably spaced it off and didn't take it to heart. Holidays and weekends can be great times for family and friends. It's not where you go or how much you spend that makes the moment. It's just simply enjoying the time in the moment.

The other thing is one's health. In our youth we took our bodies for granted. It did what we wanted to do and if we had some sore muscles, so what? We ate what we desired regardless of the sugar, fat or salt intake. It's only after many years we finally understand how poor habits can take years away from us by ruining our body.

Parents need to wake up and get their kids out working and doing some exercising. Yes, we use to eat more fat in the form of lard pie crusts and bacon and starch, but we also worked more and played harder to burn those calories off. Instead of folks getting wise and making better choices, surveys are coming with with numbers that say we are just getting fatter.

Cut the sugar by reducing pop and sweet snacks, and salty snacks and well.You know what I'm talking about. Kids are just going to die sooner and run up the old doctor bills. Get them away from computer games and send them out to a vacant lot and play some ball.

Precautionary sacrifices will pay off in the long run.