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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: River-Cade Parade was a bust

Monday, July 20, 2009

This past week, we decided to take in the River-Cade Parade in Sioux City and I came away calling it the B and B parade. The B's stand for boobs and bootie. One saw plenty of this whether in the parade itself or observers sitting and walking around the area.

I just keep dropping my mouth open and asking myself, " How can any self-respecting individual allow so much skin to show?" It must take oodles of self-confidence to do so. One old gal walking with a parade group who appeared to be much larger than I, needed a huge harness to get her grand canyon all together plus her bulging midriff just made one so embarrassed for her. Apparently, there is a renaissance festival occurring sometime at Riverside. With so much to look at, the date escapes me.

Then there are the young gals strutting along the street. They absolutely cannot get their shorts any shorter. How could they leave their homes that way? Honestly, it is a sad situation. Have they not heard the word "modesty?" Why wouldn't their parents care? Tattoos are all over their bodies and why folks like them is also beyond me. But it is the lack of clothing which disturbs me.

Much of today's garb is composed of clingy fabric, cut to expose the breasts, and short enough to make picking anything up difficult without showing your rear end. I feel sorry for the schools having to deal with such things. I literally saw a young man grab his pants prior to going down to the sidewalk and yes, they had the hot look of holes here and there.

The other observance deals with the on-lookers. As the parade went on, they kept edging out into the street like beggars wanting not only candy but frisbees, necklaces, balloons, coupons, shirts and even a few beach balls, along with much candy. It was a difficult time and even the Shriners couldn't perform as they usually do. There are a lot of good things to be said about living in a smaller town.


There's much to be heard and read about pharmaceutical companies and what the politicians want or don't want to do. I still don't understand the changes or rather what changes could happen. Both sides use scare tactics and as long as the policy is more pages than any of them want to study, they pick out small sections, take it out of context and harp on that. I'm sure they have their aides do the studying and guide politicians with their comments.

When the drug companies announce how much they were going to give to help cover the insurance expenses for those without, I'm sure they thought we'd all love them dearly. My question, is why not back off their prices now and help us out now? If pharmaceutical companies would back off, duplication of services reduced and folks not demanding tests and most importantly, take care of themselves by eating and exercising, we'd be much better off. Prevention is no doubt where a lot of it is at.

If all of us don't assume more responsibility, the day will come when we want doctor's services only to have to wait weeks and into months for services while we cry into our soup.

We all know the bigger problem is folks not taking any responsibility for having any kind of insurance nor do they watch their diets or exercise through work. They have decided to live off of government whether it be food stamps, fuel assistance, day care and so forth. They have no pride in honest work effort and most don't appreciate a job when they have one. Some folks need disability social security while others have milked the system for years and get away with it. They have little personal respect for themselves or others.

You know the saying - " What have you done for me lately?"