Blaming the messenger

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Every prep athletic season, someone telephones anonymously, or sends an anonymous letter to us, to complain about the perceived lack of coverage of their school's sports teams.

This matter is only exacerbated when an area school's team or teams are excelling at the time, while others are winning few and far between. It is at this time when the notorious Green Monster rears its ugly head and motivates such calls and letters.

It is not the mission or intention of the Chronicle Times to snub any area teams. We strive to be an all-local news source and to publish any and all local news that's fit to print. But we need cooperation from the schools, coaches, and teams involved.

As we've pointed out before - many times - we cannot physically attend every prep game out there, and we rely on our coaches to get their game statistics to us.

Many coaches are superb to work with in this regard, while others, who may be the finest men and women walking this planet, are basically terrible at notifying the media of their game results. Some notify us just when they win. Others refuse to notify us no matter how much we've begged and cajoled them. And others may be absentee coaches who have full-time day jobs and are unable to notify us in a timely manner, and then time passes and they blow it off completely. And some, which appears to be ocurring more and more of late, compile their game statistics for a week or so and then send them to us all at once. Also, some coaches send us just a couple lines of statistics, while others send us the full story.

The area coaches who consistently and daily keep us informed are the ones whose stories you most frequently read on these pages. That's a no-brainer. We can't write the stories without the proper information.

Among past examples through the years, we have been criticized for "over covering" Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn wrestling and football; Aurelia football, golf, and Jazz Band; Galva-Holstein football and basketball; River Valley football and volleyball; South O'Brien basketball; and Cherokee baseball, football, basketball, softball, track and field, tennis, and band and vocal concerts.

Go figure.

We learned long ago that you can't please everyone, but that doesn't mean we won't stop trying. We also have learned that there are people out there who simply resent another's success. How sad.

However, we vow to keep chopping wood as long as the coaches keep sending us the lumber.