Don't take 4-H for granted

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fully aware of the fact we live in a cold and growing colder "What have you done for me lately?" world, it is comforting to us at this time of year to know, just like every year, we will receive various written thank-yous from area 4-H kids and officials, thanking us for our participation in the recently concluded Cherokee County Fair and the upcoming Marcus Fair.

In addition to publicizing and promoting the fairs beforehand, and doing our best to report the results after the many events are completed, we also are proud to sponsor some events, and donate door prizes for others.

As many of us are prone to say, but not really totally grasp, the local 4-H clubs, and the incomparable talents they so willingly share with all of us attending the many events they participate in, are the very heart and soul of rural America's fairs.

From the arts and crafts, clothing, foods and gardening venues, to the livestock show rings, the quality of a fair is directly proportional to the quality of the 4-H kids involved and their adult leaders.

We in Cherokee County are fortunate to have a fine, time-honored tradition of dedicated, knowledgeable 4-H leaders and members who bring out the best in each other for our two fairs. We know the struggles involved in continuing that tradition in tough economic times and we applaud the 4-H parents, kids, and leaders for persevering year after year to make our fairs a continued success.

Yes, the thank-yous we receive from "4-Hers" are coveted and very much appreciated. But the biggest and best thank-yous go right back to the kids, leaders, and parents involved with the 4-H.

Nobody does it better!