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Cherokee Swim Team finishes season on a roll

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A - breast of things - Adam Cedar does the breaststroke at the recent conference meet. Photo submitted.
Team has great last home meet, then take 3rd in Conference Meet

The Cherokee Swim Team ended their home season on Wednesday, July 15, with a meet against a small contingent from Humboldt and Fort Dodge. It was a great chance to go for some records and to record a lot of first place swims. The team recorded their most first place finishes yet this season, with 45 individual victories and 15 relay wins. The team had eight different swimmers winning three events each, six winning two events and nine posting single event wins for a total of 23 of the teams participating 61 swimmers posting an individual win .

The eight triple winners included one 8 and under girl, Abby Goettsch, in the 50m free, the 25m free and the 100m Indiv. Med. Three 9-10's recorded triple wins - Kylie Mongan won the girls' 100m free in a record breaking 1:26.77. The previous record was 1:30.40 and was held by Mallory Meylor. Kylie also won the 25m butterfly and the 50m free. Kaely Hummel won three more events for the 9-10 girls, the 25m breaststroke, the 25m free and the 100m Indiv. Med. Taylan Entriken took the boys' 25m breaststroke, 25m free and 100m Indiv. Med. There were also 3 11-12's that won three events. Halie Kraft and Emily Haselhoff swept the girls' races by winning the 100m free, the 50m butterfly, the 50m free and the 50m back, 50m breaststroke and the 100m Indiv. Med. respectively. Emily's time in the 50m breaststroke was also a new pool record of 43.17. This beat the previous record of 44.43 held by Emily Anderson. The 11-12 boy winning all three of his individual events was Adam Cedar, who won the 100m free, the 50m free and the 100m Indiv. Med. Brett Walker was the final triple winner and he took the 13-14 boy's 50m butterfly, 50m free and 100m Indiv. Med.

The six double winners included Grant Wulfsen, who won the 8 and under boys' 25m butterfly and 100m Indiv. Med. Mikayla Schuett won the 13-14 girls' 100m free and 50m free. Dustin Rosewall took the 13-14 boys' 100m free and 50m back. And two 15 & over girls won two events during the meet. Emily Cook won the 100m free and the 50m free, while Brianna Fowler took the 50m back and 100m Indiv. Med.

The list of individual winners starts with Emma Jensen who won the 8 and under girls' 25m butterfly, while Wyatt Kraft won the boys' 25m breaststroke and Carson Mongan the boys' 25m free in the same age group. Whisper Tarbill took the 9-10 girls' 25m backstroke to sweep the events in that age group. Mitchell West won the 11-12 boys' 50m butterfly, while Calvin Chalstrom took the 50m breaststroke for that same age group. Brennon Prentice was the next winner in the 13-14 boys' 50m breaststroke. The 15 & over girls finish the list with Beth Hanner winning the 50m butterfly and Liz Dawson the 50m breaststroke.

The relays posting wins were the 8 and under girls' 100m free relay team of Becca Entriken, Taylor Richardson, Emma Jensen and Abby Goettsch. The 8 & under boys won both the 100m medley relay and the 100m free relay with the teams of Grant Wulfsen, Kameron Royster, Wyatt Kraft and Kaiden Royster in the medley, and Carson Mongan, Kam Royster, Kraft and Wulfsen in the free. The 9-10 girls continued to stay unbeaten with the 100m medley relay team of Whisper Tarbill, Kaely Hummel, Kylie Mongan and Lindsay Williams taking first, while Hummel, Mongan, Williams and Jennifer Barritt took first in the 100m free relay. The 9-10 boys team also won by completing the races and using some 8 & under swimmers. The 100m medley relay team that competed was made up of Thad Booth, Kaeleb Royster, Taylan Entriken and Carson Mongan. The 100m free relay team was Kael Royster, Kaid Royster, Booth and Entriken. The 11-12 age group also swept all four relays. The girls' 200m medley and 200m free relay team was made up of Paige Kraft, Emily Haselhoff, Halie Kraft and Britney Sargent. The boys were Brett Barritt, Calvin Chalstrom, Adam Cedar and Mitchell West. In the 13-14 age group, the boys continue to be undefeated. This week the winning 200m medley relay was made up of Blake Booth, Brennon Prentice, Brett Walker and Dustin Rosewall, while the free relay team was Dallas Boger, D Rosewall, Walker and Michael Rosewall. And finally the 15 & over girls won both their relay events. The 200m medley relay was won by Brianna Fowler, Liz Dawson, Beth Hanner and Emily Cook, while the 200m free relay team of Cook, Fowler, Dawson and Mikayla Schuett also took first place to finish off the meet.

Taylor Blackburn starts one of her races at the conference meet. Photo submitted.
Cherokee coach Jodi B. Mongan said, "It was a great night for the last home meet of the season."

The team ended their 2009 season when 57 swimmers traveled to Eagle Grove on Saturday, July 18 for the Conference Swim Meet. There are 11 teams in the AHEELA conference that meet each July for a big end - of - season championship meet. Each team is only allowed four swimmers per event; so not everyone gets to go to the meet, and not everyone gets to swim their usual five events at this meet. The meet began at 10 a.m. and finished at about 5:30 p.m. The team that won the meet was the largest team in the conference, Algona, with 1721.5 points Second was Forest City with 1253 points and then, very close behind them, was Cherokee, with 1198.5 points. After Cherokee came Rockwell City, with 1045 pts; Laurens at 582pts; Storm Lake with 538: Emmetsburg at 351.5; Webster City at 347.5; Eagle Grove with 313; Fort Dodge at 166 and Humboldt with 97.

400 swimmers participated in the meet, and the top 12 were eligible to score points for their team, but only two swimmers from a team could score in any one event. Ribbons were awarded for swimmers placing 4th through 8th, and medals were awarded to the top three swimmers or relays in each event. Cherokee posted an impressive 30 individual medal winners and had nine scoring relays who won medals. One additional mixed relay also won medals. Just as exciting, said Coach Mongan, was that the Cherokee team was recognized with the Sportsmanship award for the western half of the conference. That award is voted on by the teams the week of the conference meet. The coaches and swimmers were very excited about being awarded that honor.

Among the medal winners were nine individuals who placed first in fourteen events. There was only one triple winner for the day, and that was Halie Kraft, who won the 100m free, the 50m butterfly and the 50m freestyle in the 11-12 girls age group. Following her were a trio of double winners, including Kylie Mongan, who won the 9-10 girls' 100m and 50m freestyle events; Dustin Rosewall, who won the 13-14 boys' 100m free and 50m backstroke; Brett Walker, who won the 50m free and 100m Indiv. Med. in the same age group. The remaining five 1st place winners won individual events. They were, Adam Cedar in the 11-12 boys' 100m free; Brianna Fowler in the 15 & over 50m backstroke; Taylan Entriken in the 9-10 boys' 25m breaststroke; Emily Haselhoff in the 11-12 girls' 50m breaststroke; Kaely Hummel in the 9-10 girls' 25m free.

There were seven relays finishing first. The first was the 8 & under girls' 100m medley and free relay team of Becca Entriken, Taylor Richardson, Emma Jensen and Abby Goettsch. Next was the 11-12 girls' 200m medley relay team of Paige Kraft, E. Haselhoff, H. Kraft and Britney Sargent. The 13-14 boys finished the season undefeated as they took both the 200m medley and free relays in their age group with the team of D. Rosewall, Brennon Prentice, B. Walker and Michael Rosewall. The remaining two relay wins were in free relay races with the 9-10 girls remaining undefeated in the 100m free relay with the team of K.Hummel, Ky. Mongan, Jennifer Barritt and Lindsay Williams; while the 11-12 boys won their 200m free relay with Mitchell West, T. Entriken, Brett Barritt and A. Cedar.

The next group of eight swimmers won eleven silver medals during the meet. Abby Goettsch captured three silver medals in the 8 & under girls age group in the 50m free, 25m butterfly and 25m free. Mitchell West followed with two silvers in the 11-12 boys' 100m free and 50m butterfly. Taylor Richardson posted an impressive second place finish in the 8 & under girls' 25m backstroke, Brett Walker took one in the 13-14 boys' 50m butterfly, Kaely Hummel in the 9-10 girls' 25m breaststroke, Calvin Chalstrom in the 11-12 boys' 50m breaststroke, Taylan Entriken in the 9-10 boys' 25m free and Adam Cedar in the 11-12 boys' 50m free. There were two relays that took silver medals in very exciting races in which they had been undefeated up until that time. The 9-10 girls team of Whisper Tarbill, Hummel, Mongan and Williams was edged out in the 100m medley relay while the 11-12 girls took their silver in the 200m free relay with the team of P. Kraft, Sargent, Haselhoff and H. Kraft.

Rounding out the medal finishes were five third place finishers. Michael Rosewall took third with a season best swim in the 13-14 boys' 100m free, while Lindsay Williams did the same in the 9-10 girls' 25m butterfly. Kaeleb Royster snuck in a third place performance in the 9-10 boys' 25m breaststroke while Mikayla Schuett took third in the 13-14 girls' 50m free. The final third place finish was Emily Haselhoff in the 11-12 girls' 100m Indiv. Med. Just one relay placed third during the meet and that was the 9-10 100m mixed free relay, which was made up of Kaeleb Royster, Madelyn Herrera, Elizabeth Wulfsen and Hayden Graybill.

Swimmers not previously mentioned who won ribbons include Nathan Fowler, 8th in 13-14 boys' 100m free; Alissa Lohse, 8th in 9-10 girls' 25m backstroke; Blake Booth, 4th in the 13-14 boys' 50m backstroke; Mikaela Booth, 7th in 15 & over girls' 50m backstroke; Molly Breyfogle, 8th in 15 & over girls' 50m backstroke; Addisyn Jensen, 7th in 9-10 girls' 25m butterfly; Hayley Graybill, 8th in 11-12 girls' 50m butterfly; Dallas Boger, 4th in 13-14 boys' 50m butterfly; Rylee Gannon, 5th in 8 & under girls' 25m breaststroke; Ben Welby, 6th in 13-14 boys' 50m breaststroke and Carson Mongan, 8th in the 8 & under boys' 25m free. Several relays also placed in the top eight, scoring very important points for the team. Those included the 8 & under boys' 100m medley relay of C. Mongan, Wyatt Kraft, Grant Wulfsen and Kaiden Royster as well as their 100m free relay of C. Mongan, W. Kraft, Wulfsen and Kameron Royster who both placed fifth. The 15-18 girls' relay teams also took fifth in both the 200m medley and 200m free relays. The 13-14 boys' B relay teams both placed in the top eight and the 8 & under girls' B relay teams took 8th place in their two relays. The 100m medley relay was made up of Kenna Mongan, Eleanor Chalstrom, R. Gannon and Megan Boger.

Other swimmers, not previously mentioned who finished in the point scoring places included Kayla Riedemann, 11th in the 9-10 girls' 100m free; Kara Slaybaugh, 10th in the 15 & over girls' 50m backstroke; Elizabeth Herrera, 12th in the 11-12 girls' 50m butterfly; Beth Hanner, 11th in the 15 & over girls' 50m butterfly. Additionally 4 relays placed between 9th and 12th place. The 9-10 girls' C 100m medley relay team of Jessika Peterson, M. Herrera, Kammy Briggs and Riedemann finished 11th, while the B 100m free relay team placed 10th in that age group. The 11-12 girls' B relays placed well too, with the 200m medley relay team of Allison VanVactor, L. Herrera, Hayley Graybill and Emilee McGee placing 10th, while the B 200m free relay team of McGee, L. Herrera, Hayley Graybill and Taylor Hirschman placed 9th.

Two other swimmers posted great personal times, but finished just outside the top 12 - Hailee Maurer in the VERY tough 9-10 girls age group, and Taylor Blackburn in the next - toughest age group of 11-12 girls, with each age group having as many as 40 swimmers in some events.

Coaches Jodi B. Mongan and Allie Chase, were VERY proud of the team and their place in the meet, and thank all of the swimmers, parents and community supporters for a great season!

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